Know Some Interesting Facts About Pipe Smoking

Pipe Smoking

Pipe smoking is not a trend that comes and goes with time, it is rather an experience. It is not at all a quick fix like lighting a standard cigarette.

When you walk in a crowd with a pipe on your mouth; you will easily stand apart from the rest. Some envious eyes will still fix on you. And you will surely relish those attentions.

Only an experienced pipe smoker knows the enjoyment he can savor while packing the tobacco, then light the lighter, and finally drawing through the first plume of smoke in the vintage smoking pipes. This style is not a habit but a style statement that only classic men can pursue.

If you think that, pipes are simply a smoking instrument, then you are completely wrong. There are so many interesting things related to this smoking culture. You will trill to know the facts associated with this classic habit.

Here we have selected a few interesting to share with you.

• It’s a habit thousands of years old:
As the origin of the smoking pipe is quite scattered, it is really very difficult to point out a single instance as the first pipe smocking incident. Actually, there are different types of usage and evolution of pipe smoking.

However, we can say that apparently it was started around 500BC. As per the chronicle, a group of Nomadic warriors called Scythians in Siberia, Europe used wooden stems to smoke from the campfire.

Just like them, the Greeks and Romans also developed a smoking pipe to smoke herbs or leaves. Interestingly, the tobacco plants were discovered by Christopher Columbus in the late 1400s. Only after the invention, the manufacture of the smoking pipes began officially.

• The cigarettes are cheaper than the pipe and for that, the tobacco farmers reserve the higher quality tobacco for the pipe smokers. As the quality of tobacco is higher, the subtle flavors reward smokers with a better experience.

• Perhaps, before the discovery of tobacco by Christopher Columbus, the tobacco was used as medicine in the native country. It has been recorded in 1529 that the breathing of fresh tobacco leaves can cure the headache. If the fresh leaves are rubbed under the mouth, it will give relief to catarrh or cold. During the 16th century, tobacco was prescribed frequently for many ailments. Even in the 19th century, the doctors prescribed tobacco but in a measured way.

• Briar pipes are quite expensive among all. However, there is a reason that explains the cost of this special type of pipe. To make the briar pipe, the roots need to grow for 30 to 60 years. After the roots are matured, then only it is harvested. After that, the manufacturers cook the roots for a couple of hours and they let them dry for many months until they become ready for an excellent smoking experience.

• Do you know that the term smoking was started around the 1600s and then only it disseminated around the world in different languages? Before that, it was referred to as dry drunkenness or puffing.

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