Know the Procedure of Finalising A Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Your wedding forms the most important day of your life and takes lots of planning, time and effort in arranging everything together. As it is a great occasion for all your family, friend and relatives to gather for the celebration, you don’t want it to get jeopardised with even the minutest of an error.

Hiring a wedding planner takes the maximum load off your shoulder and help you make your big day special without last-minute planning and hassles. The most important thing about hiring a wedding planner is that can put in majority of the legwork and checks out the potential venues, service providers and help you in various informed decisions.

When to book a wedding planner?

Once a rough draft of your wedding is prepared and added, you must start interviewing the wedding planners. Few things that you must keep handy during this process are:

  • Tentative date of your wedding
  • Location of the wedding
  • No of events
  • Tentative number of guests
  • A budget to work on

Questions one must ask before hiring a wedding planner

Few of the questions one must ask before finalising are:

  • Ask the planners how they keep track of expenses
  • Find out the mode of payments they take
  • Ask them if they take payments in percentage or the full payment after the wedding
  • Ask them ways to reduce the budget
  • See their previous work and ask them about various improvisations they can make
  • Ask them about the preparations for various other events at the weddings

5 Reasons to Suggest that You Must Hire a Wedding Planner

  • To make your vision a reality: They are the best-equipped people in understanding your vision and making it a reality. The wedding planner is focused only on your special day and pushes everything to go as per plan.
  • To help you with budget constraints and legal contracts: They are the ones who can help you with your budget. They ward off unnecessary engagements and demands, with the more important ones.
  • To keep things on track: They are the best people to keep all the things on track and in time.
  • To get the vendor discounts: Working in and out with various vendors and service providers, they also help you get the vendor discounts.
  • To handle ceremony-to-reception flipping: They work with equipped and experienced people and efficiently handles the ceremony to reception flipping.
  • To coordinate the entire wedding day: They manage and coordinate your entire wedding day as per your plan and liking so that you enjoy all the festivities and ceremonies with happiness, and joy, without any worry.

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