Things You Need To Know About Different Laser Fat Removing Treatments

Laser Fat Removing

The excess of fat is one of the most awkward and problematic conditions which can even persist after losing an incredible amount of weight in order to become more fit. The major concern about fat loss is that the reduction of excess fat has met with countless difficulties, for example, liposuction is one of the viable ways to remove fat, but it tends to bring certain complications like painful recoveries and loose skin.

People who have pockets of fat that do not get away with traditional weight loss procedures like exercise, and proper diet, they ultimately consider laser fat removal treatments that involve advanced laser technology for the removal of fatty bulges. You can find a range of fat laser treatments for the removal of excessive fat on different parts of your body. Some of the fat removing laser treatments are invasive, while others are non-invasive. There are different laser fat removing treatments which are mentioned below.

Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction is basically an alternative to the traditional liposuction method. This process is minimally invasive in nature as, during this process, the physicians use laser energy to liquefy fat in the targeted area, and the fat gets removed through a thin tube named cannula. In contrast to the traditional liposuction method, local anaesthesia is required for this process instead of general anaesthesia, and the whole process takes almost 45 minutes to an hour.

Multiple devices can be used for this treatment which includes CoolLipo, SmartLipo, or ProLipo. This treatment can cause certain side effects which may include tenderness and bruising in the targeted area of your body. Severe infection, irritation or scarring can also be caused after getting this treatment done. It will take many days to recover fully, and after several weeks you can return to energetic activities like an intense workout.

After this fat laser treatment, you can experience the results right away because the excessive fat has been completely removed from your body. You will also benefit from skin tightening in the targeted area of your body where laser liposuction was performed. And these benefits makes this procedure more appealing than the traditional liposuction method, which only eliminates excessive fat but does not tighten your skin.


Zerona is one of the latest laser fat removal methods which is approved by the FDA in 2010 and became popular in all beauty and cosmetic circles. This treatment involves low-level laser therapy in order to target and liquefy the content of fat cells. These fat cells remain in the body, but their entire content is being emptied and eventually eliminated from the body.  Comfort is the significant benefits of Zerona laser fat removal treatment. This treatment is not as hot as other laser fat removing treatments that patients find hard to deal with.

There is no downtime after getting this treatment done with your body, and it is the most valued benefit of this treatment. It does not cause any side effects and research has revealed that it is the safest method among all laser fat removal treatments. You can quickly return to the physical activities after this treatment. The approved treatment areas include hips, thighs, waist, chest, arms, ankles, bra-line and knees. After this treatment, you need to follow a specific lifestyle and diet protocol which include various things like avoiding caffeine and alcohol, increase water intake and regular exercise.


SculpSure is another laser fat removal treatment which was approved in back 2015, and this treatment takes approximately 25 minutes. During this treatment, laser targets fat cells and heat them to a temperature that can fully damage their structure. The cooling mechanisms are also applied in order to make sure that your skin is not damaged. SculpSure method helps you remove all the excessive fat completely rather than just emptying the contents of fat cells.

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