Best Lipstick Shades Loved By Every Girl

Lipstick Shades

We all love lipsticks and a lot any of us pass a single day applying lipstick. Those women who apply lipstick regularly will agree that choosing the right shade of lipstick regularly will agree that choosing the right shade of lipstick is very necessary. These lipstick shades add the right amount of glamour and class to your look.

Best Shades of Lipstick


This color of lipstick is in trend now a day. Red lips never go out of unique. This shade is more use by the professionals. It makes your lips look pouty and it adds a glamour look to your outfit. A regular way or at a party you can always apply red lipstick. Matte red lipstick is more attractive and it gives a glamour’s look. It may stay on your lips to look time.


The nude color is very famous nowadays; mostly girls want a shade of nude color. Nude shades look good on everybody. It looks perfectly natural in color it gives shade like a lips color. Nude lipstick also comes in different shades. A peach color shade of nude lipstick is well suited on light skin. Always remember while purchasing Nude lipsticks, never buy too dark shade, always prefer light color.


If you want to add some funky touch to your lips, then orange color lipstick is the best option. This is a bold color lipstick shade that gives a classy and attractive look. Always use this shade of lipstick on informal occasions.


For a modern or classy look, the dark color shade is very perfect. Several women are often doubtful while buying dark lipstick shades. The shade of plum, wine can never go wrong. They may range from dark shades to greatly lighter shades of berry.


The pink color is known to be very gorgeous. You can choose a neon pink color lipstick shade with your pretty dresses. To making your lips blush you may add some pink lipstick on your cheeks also. This is another lipstick shade that every woman must have in their collection of lipsticks.

Matte Lip Color:

These absolute colors of Lakme are everything that you would ever want in your favorite. It gives an attractive shine to your look. This lipstick is long-lasting forever. It is much pigmented, dries matte, and sits on the lips without giving a heavy look.

Charlotte Tilbury

Pick your Favorite color from a range of beautiful colors. This color proof that matte does not always equal dry, dull, and flaky. The creamy liquid formula hugs lips for comfortable, and long-lasting.

Lipstick shades which are in trends

  • Classic Red Lipstick
  • Bold pink lipstick
  • Brown lipstick
  • Lipsticks in unusual colors
  • Metallic lipsticks
  • Nude lips
  • Flushed lips
  • Liquid lipsticks
  • Shiny lipstick
  • Satin lipstick
  • Lip gloss
  • Vinyl lip gloss


Lipstick is a cosmetic product that applies color and texture. Many colors of lipstick exist. Some lipsticks are also lip balms, to add color on lips.

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