Love Wins: 11 Creative Micro Wedding Ideas In The Age of COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has been harsh both to the wedding industry and to soon-to-be-married couples. Wedding venues, vendors, and organizers are going out of business. Unfortunate pairs who were about to get married this year only have three unfavorable choices: cancel it, reschedule it when things get better, or push through but let go of their “dream wedding” plans. 

Are you one of those who had no choice but to adjust your wedding plans? Don’t feel hopeless! There are things you can do to turn the situation around. You can sulk in the corner, cry about canceling your 300-guest party and feel bad about everyone wearing masks on your big day. OR you can look for the silver lining, use the trimmed guest as an excuse to save money, and plan to be as creative as possible with your intimate setting and face mask requirements. Well, you can always go with the latter. 

Let your plan B be better than your initial plan. Here are 11 creative intimate wedding ideas from real couples all over the world, who proved that love truly wins amid a pandemic. 

1. Get married in a hotel with a picturesque view

If you’re anticipating a small wedding venue with a view, why not book a scenic hotel that caters to wedding ceremonies? Everything you need to make your wedding ceremony and dinner party a success is under one roof, from function rooms and catering services to comfortable guest rooms for couples, families, and friends. 

You just need to opt for hotel accommodation options that are located in the picturesque countryside, offering stunning views of mountains, ocean, lakes, and woodlands to make your dream wedding scene come true.  

2. Skip churches: Go for outdoor weddings 

If you’ve always wanted to ditch tradition and have a modern wedding setting, you can use the pandemic as an excuse to not get married in a traditional, religious home. 

Outdoor weddings don’t just mean better, Pinterest-worthy wedding photos — they’re also a safer choice. There’ll be better airflow and you can easily do socially-distanced seating arrangements. You can also cluster seats based on households. 

Get married by the beach, in a lush, flowery garden, in the middle of a woody forest, in a farmhouse — the options are limitless. As long as the space is vast enough to gather everyone while maintaining distance, you”re good to go. 

3. Try a drive-in movie theme

A couple in Texas asked their friends to join them at a drive-in theatre for a special screening of their wedding. They exchanged vows on the stage and the ceremony was up on the big screen for all to see. The guests present looked from the safety of their cars, while the remote guests watch from the live stream. You can steal this idea and take it up a notch with taco trucks, ice cream trucks, and popcorn stalls. 

4. Opt for a home/ backyard wedding

If you have a home with a backyard or even a spacious apartment, you can transform your home into an ideal wedding venue. A lovely couple in New York fulfilled their initial plan of buying their first home and getting married there with a small group of family and friends. They hired a good wedding planner to execute the day as well as a professional photographer to capture the candid, intimate moments. 

5. Make it virtual

Want your 200+ guests to witness your nuptial without requiring them to be physically present? With the right live streaming or videoconferencing app, you can make it work. You just need to hire a dedicated person or professional that acts as the streaming administrator, as well as camera operators. They’ll work together to make the virtual program run seamlessly. 

6. Get food delivered

What’s a virtual wedding without good food? Next to pivoting your wedding plans online, you can also have your dinners delivered straight to the doors of your selected guests. You just need to find a catering service with such offers.

7. Wear custom wedding face masks 

No bride wants to pay for expensive hair and makeup only to be hidden under a face mask. But if you’re able to find an elegant custom mask to match your stunning wedding dress, the eyesore face covering can be an edgy statement piece. Make it matchy-matchy with your partner, and make sure your guests also have beautiful custom face masks. 

8. Have a concert 

So you and your partner are musically talented? Why not have a concert on your big day to entertain your guests. There might be no cheek-to-cheek dancing but you can keep them amused while on their seats. You may also invite your favorite band or singer, and let them keep the night alive with love songs and upbeat music. 

9. Set up social-distancing-approved forms of entertainment 

Aside from having a concert and inviting live performers, you can also think of setting up lawn games that are properly spaced up. Lawn games like giant connect, giant Jenga, and cornhole are fun ways to connect with guests. 

10. Distribute social distancing wristbands

How can you tell someone that you don’t want hugs and kisses without making it awkward? Make your guests comfortable by offering social distancing wristbands to communicate their comfort level without saying a word. You can let guests choose from green, yellow, or red bracelet: green stands for “okay with hugs and high-fives”, yellow stands for “okay with talking but no touching please”, and red stands for “I’m keeping my distance.”

11. Spread love, not germs 

Next to having an impactful Pinterest-worthy decor that will bring life to your micro wedding, make your big day memorable by incorporating health and safety guidelines into your wedding theme. You can display quirky signs reminding people to wear face-covering, limit contact, maintain a safe distance, and sanitize hands. You may also designate hand sanItizing stations your guests can easily access.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a passionate travel blogger who loves street photography, food trips, and writing articles about travel, food, and lifestyle. To know more about hotels and travel blogs, you may visit Woodford Dolmen Hotel Carlow.

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