How To Maintain The Neatness of Your Carpets

How to Maintain the Neatness of Your Carpets - Ryan Carpet Cleaning

Despite the expertise used in cleaning your carpets without proper maintenance, it won’t be long before you become in dire need of another cleaning session. A dirty carpet will always stand out, exuding a general notion of dirtiness in your home. A neat looking, fresh smelling carpet on the other hand says a lot of positive things about the occupants of the home. This is why, as a carpet user, even after the regular carpet cleaning session, you should do what you can to maintain your carpets.

You certainly do not expect your carpets to stay fresh, months after it has been cleaned. Every now and then, your carpet is bound to take some spills, and dirt and dust will naturally be attracted to the surface of the carpet.

Fortunately, by following some tips, you can preserve your carpets for a little longer and shorten your professional carpet cleaning sessions. Here are some of those tips;

1. Regular vacuuming

The key is to not let the stains stay on for too long. The tiniest dirt and dust on the surface of your carpet will get lodged deeper into the roots of the fibre over time and with applied pressure. By adopting a simple once-a-week vacuuming rule, you can get rid of these dirt and dust. It is important for you to vacuum properly, so here are some vacuuming mistakes you might be making;

  • Failing to vacuum in both directions
  • Not vacuuming at the right pace; you are going either too slow or too fast.
  • Failing to adjust the height of your vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuuming before dusting, instead of after.
  • Waiting for the carpet to get dirty before vacuuming
  • Not vacuuming in both directions.

For a fetid carpet, apply a bit of baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming it. This will take out the offensive odour from the carpet.

2. Remove stains and spills immediately they occur

When liquids get spilled on the carpet, resist the urge to panic and rub furiously on them, as this can do more harm than good. However, move quickly to get rid of it. Use a cleaning solution, either chemical or natural, preferably in a spray bottle. Spray it around the stain, and then use a paper towel or clean cloth to blot out the stain. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to smoothen the carpet. Remember to blot and not rub furiously.

3. Avoid using shoes on carpets

Shoes, especially dirty shoes, should not be worn on the carpet. The obvious reason is that dirty shoes will easily transfer dirt and debris from outside into the carpet. In addition to imprinting dirt on carpets which usually go directly to the roots of the fiber making it difficult to eject, shoes also have hard soles that flatten the carpet fibers and can easily damage the carpets if left for a long time. It is best to inculcate the habit of leaving shoes away from carpets.

4. Avoid eating and drinking near carpets

Accidents can always happen, and we cannot control most of them. However, you can control your actions around your carpets. Avoid eating and drinking near the carpets, so that if accidental spills and drips happen, they will be averted from the carpets. Liquids like wine, juices, and beverages can be difficult to clean off from the carpets, but with the right solutions, they can be easily taken off. However, it is always best to avoid these accidents by eating and drinking away from carpets.

5. Proper, regular cleaning

Endeavor to get a reliable carpet cleaning company for regular cleaning sessions. Carpets should be cleaned at least once every six months, but this varies with respect to the carpet types, and of course, there are exceptions for emergencies. Despite how good your carpet maintenance game might be, it still requires deep cleaning now and then.

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