Explore 10 Of Malaysia’s Top Tourist Attractions


Malaysia gives the peninsula and Borneo to two separate encounters (an island shared with Indonesia and Brunei). Malay, Chinese and Indian flavors mingle on the Peninsula or Western Malaysia and with Kuala Lumpur, a new and successful capital. The Malaysian Borneo has a wild forest, orangutans, granite peaks, and isolated tribes, which is among the most fascinating locations in Malaysia. Along with many lovely islands, luxurious resorts, and colonial cities, Malaysia offers a happy mix for the majority of tourists.

They were mainly people from nearby places like Singapore and Indonesia, but there are also increasing numbers of other foreign tourists who discover the country. Here are the top tourist attractions of Malaysia.

1. National Park Gunung Gading

Botanists of the desired region are likely to visit Gunung Gading National Park, the largest flora in the world. Rafflesia blooms can grow to a diameter of up to three feet and smell nasty. After a couple of days, the blooms die; the good news is that they will bloom any time of year even though November through January is the best time. But more than just one flor is to be seen. Sarawak Park offers beautiful beaches, robust mountains, and a jungle for walking.

2. Iceland of Manukan

Water events bright on Manual Island, Malaysia’s first marine national park, the second largest island in Tunku Abdul National Park. Located in the Sabah State of eastern Malaysia, the park is renowned for its fantastic beaches – the best beach is to the east of the island. Travelers will also find offshore coral reefs that offer some amazing snorkeling and scuba diving. The most advanced tourist facilities on the 5 islands in the park are available to Manukan Island from Kota Kinabalu by ferry.

3. Caves of Batu

Visitors to the caves of Batu in the Kuala Lumpur area will be honored for their incredible Hindu art. The three main caves in Batu Caves make it the most famous Hindu shrine outside India and an annual Hindu festival attracts thousands of worshippers. A giant statue of a Hindu god is the highlight of the site, which is reached by ascending 272 steps to the caves. Monkeys still enjoy the site and play there.

4. Natural Reserve of Semenggoh

The Semenggoh Nature Reserve is well-known for its Orangutan orientation program that teaches wild orphans to live in the wilderness or rescued people. As a result, there is a flourishing population of orangutans in the wild in the surrounding forests. Morning and afternoon feeding sessions are the perfect time to see orangutans. The natural reserve of Semenggoh is also home to a prosperous bird community of colorful Malaysian native birds, including Borna magpie, rubber pepper, honeyguide, and brown hawk.

5. Railway North Borneo

The North Borneo Railway gives passengers a journey through the past via a steam train in the 1900s. The only train from Tanjung Aru to Papar is the old fashioned railway. Take this train and see local villages where houses are constructed in paddles of stilts, rice paddies, and water buffalo. Traveling around one of five renovated carriages, travelers can enjoy Asian and Continental cuisine. Only on Wednesday and Saturday does the train run.

6. The Little Bucket (Kuala Lumpur)

Visitors who want to stop ‘to fall will have a day of the field in Bukit Bintang, the key shopping district of Kuala Lumpur. Bukit Bintang has several malls, one of the biggest malls in the world like Benaya Times Square. There is an indoor amusement park in this mall. The district is packed with high-end electronic centers and malls. The visitor can relax in a sidewalk café or evening club after a day of shopping since Bukit Bintang is also the trendiest entertainment center in Kuala Lumpur.

7. Voice

Redang Island is suitable for beach lovers, with beaches of White Sand and crystal clear waters of the sea, which makes it popular with snorkels. Here too, enjoy Scuba diving. While one of Malaysia’s largest islands on the eastern peninsula, tourists can walk, along roads or walk in the forest, but it is small enough. Redang Island is a marine nature reserve island of nine. The bulk of accommodation is resort-style.

8. Ethnic town of Sarawak

Sarawak Cultural Village is an excellent location, even if only for a few hours, to experience life in a different country. A live museum where tourists can learn more about the Sarawak’s, their customs, and lifestyles. The Cultural Village of Sarawak In Sarawak, major ethnic groups are represented by houses, including the longhouse of the Iban. Visitors may also be invited to drink, strong rice wines, to participate in a multicultural dance show. In a traditional ethnic wedding, guests may also be married.

9. National Park of Bako

For tourists enjoying the great outdoors, Bako National Park is a popular visiting attraction in Malaysia. It is not very large, but it is in scale in the state of Sarawak in Borneo. It is not very big. Travelers will watch birds, rainforests, roaring seas, beaches, and stacks of the sea. The park’s main attraction, but unusual and difficult to find, is the bizarre pornographic monkey. It also has great nature routes, from simple walks through the jungle to full-day hikes, so that all tourists can find one for them.

10. The Church of Christ (Melaka)

The Church of Christ is a Melaka landmark. It is the oldest working Protestant church in Malaysia, which was founded by the Dutch in the mid 18th century. Constructed in the Dutch architectural style of the traditional 18th century, the building is noted for its colorful façade as well as its contents. The church had a bell cast from 1698; tombstones, written in Portuguese, and brass stands from the Bible. It’s now a church in Anglican.

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