Most Useful Tips for Glowing Skin

Tips for Glowing Skin

Is your skin very dull and tired on foggy January mornings? No wonder, because winter can be particularly harsh on sensitive skin. Here are our top tips for maintaining a healthy and glowing complexion, even in the coldest months.


Gray skies and dry skin can make the complexion very dull – the last thing you could ever want in winter! A regular peeling removes dead cells, impurities and dirt and makes the skin radiant and healthy. However, it is necessary not to damage or excessively irritate the skin by using a highly abrasive scrub.


It is possible to create a protective barrier for the skin by combining the day cream with a nourishing face oil. This not only provides the skin with additional nutrients, but also creates a true barrier that protects the skin from adverse conditions.

You can apply the nourishing oil before hydration to take care of the skin intensively, or on top of the day cream to create a protective barrier – this is especially useful in difficult climatic conditions to maintain the water supply. Even the driest air will not be able to remove such important hydration from the skin! This is an excellent tip to take into consideration in the days spent on the ski slopes.


Orange vegetables are rich in carotenoids, the substance that gives them their characteristic color. It may sound a little strange, but scientists have found that those on a diet rich in carotenoids have a subtle golden sheen on their skin due to the “carotenoid color”.

So, if you regularly eat carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes in the winter, that healthy tan touch can be maintained even in the dead of winter!

A greater intake of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C also favors the production of collagen, makes the complexion turgid and protects from the winter cold which, unfortunately, is omnipresent at this time of year.


Almost all skin types are drier in winter, as the skin loses moisture more quickly due to less moisture. You might be interested in Epilator for hair free skin.

Strong, cold winds and overheated rooms make the situation worse. The result is dry, flaky skin and dull hair.

It is, therefore, a good idea, in addition to proper skin care, to humidify the bedroom air with a humidifier (or by placing a glass of heat-resistant water near the radiator). Increased humidity in the bedroom prevents the skin from drying out overnight.


Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the best nutrients for keeping skin healthy, especially in winter. They help repair cell membranes and reduce inflammation. Make sure you get enough omega essential fatty acids from your diet, especially in winter. The omega intake can be obtained by taking 2-3 servings of high-fat fish or hemp seeds every week. Alternatively, you can consider taking an omega-3 dietary supplement. tips for glowing hair

Omega fatty acids also have an external effect! So, if you use a skincare product rich in omega-3-6 and 9 fatty acids, you support the skin’s natural functions in two ways: internally and externally. With these little tricks it is possible to maintain a radiant complexion and beautiful skin even in the harshest winter!

For radiant skin: Purified:

Eating disorder and daily habits are one of the most incisive causes of skin problems. If you drink too much alcohol or consume too much sugar and sweets like chocolate, your face immediately turns off: bags, dark circles and less toned skin than usual. Therefore, every now and then on the calendar you start your purification week: try to take very liquid and vitamin foods these days, drink two glasses of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach every morning (and keep the habit), eliminate sugars, alcohol and also salt.

For Glowing Skin: Antioxidants:

You can start in the week of purification and take it as a healthy habit: take large quantities of water (at least 8 glasses a day) also in the form of herbal teas and fill up on antioxidants. Among these, choose bioflavonoids that counteract free radicals, such as those found in green tea, which is easy to take, and in grape seed extract. Grape seeds contain collagen and resveratrol (which is also found in blueberries) which fight the signs of aging on the skin.

For radiant skin: centrifuged:

Diet or not, to have a glowing skin it is good to have a blender or extractor that concentrates all the benefits of vegetables and fruit in a single glass: dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, chard and cabbage, lots of seasonal fruit that contains vitamins C (such as citrus fruits), vitamin E (almonds) and tomatoes which contain lycopene.

For glowing skin: A Healthy Rest:

It is not only a good habit that prevents bags and dark circles, but at night our body puts in place all its restorative action that is visible above all on the skin.

For glowing skin: Intense scrub and moisturizing cream:

Never forget to exfoliate your skin every week. The scrub helps to remove dead cells, frees the pores, re-oxygenates the epidermis and reactivates blood circulation. Just open the pantry. After the scrub, always moisturize the skin: it is a rule that must never be transgressed.

For Radiant Skin: illuminating cream:

After all the advice, if you really want to shine like a star, equip yourself with an illuminating cream to apply on the face. Just use it after the primer instead of the foundation if it is very colored, or apply it only on the right places after the powder. If the highlighter is in powder form, it should be applied only after the face powder.

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