Natural and Simple Nail Care Tips and Tricks

Nail Care Tips

Nails are also part of body care. It is necessary to take off your nails regularly. Not only manicure and pedicure are options to take care of nails. You must take care of your nails on a routine basis. By practicing a few simples seclude, you can make sure your nails are well-maintained and strong. Here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you to maintain your nails simply.

Best Nail Care Tricks and Tips

Stop penetrating your nails:

Biting nails habit may cause a lot of problems in your nails. It also damages your skin and figures. Also, eating nails habit transmits the germs and dirt in your mouth from the nails. We suggest you to always apply nail paint to your nails that smell bad, it helps you stop biting your nails.

Docile your cuticles:

Cuticles are very soft and breach easily. It is very necessary to take care of your cuticles. This will help you avoid unhealthy nails. Choose to cut your nails after a bath because it makes your nails soft and easy to cut. Do dig the cuticles hardly and not bite your nails. If you have any problem in your nails immediately take the help of a doctor or massage your nails with coconut or almond oils.

Use a moisturizer:

Flakiness and dryness both are not good for your nails as well as your skin. Nails are very soft and turn to break off easily. Massage them regularly to make them strong. Use hand cream or any oil to moisturize your nails and cuticles healthy and shiny.

Trim regularly:

Trimming your nails is the same as trimming your nails. When your hairs become dry and unhealthy you trim them the same applied here. Whenever your nails become long and unhealthy trim them with the help of a cutter or with nail finer. Always take out some time every few weeks to trim and take care of nails and shape them in a way you like. It is best to trim your nails in a straight line and then shape them in square or round.

Use nail finer in one direction:

Fine gently and slowly your nails in one direction. If you are not doing so then your nails get a break and become weak. Using nail finer in one direction also helps you to achieve a smooth shape in a good manner you want.

Stop Scraping:

Never scrape off your nail polish with teeth or by hands. Always use nail remover while removing nail paints. Scraping makes your nail surface patchy and rough. It also removes the top layer of your nails. To prevent your nail polish from chipping off, must apply nail paint in two rounds to make a strong coat on nails. Instead of using scraping off your nail paint, use nail paint remover tissue to remove nail paint.

Base Coat:

To make your nail polish long lasting and nails strong, it is good to apply a base coat for safety. Basecoat brings a safety layer on your nails and protects them from getting stained and discolored. It makes the nail paint look more attractive and better. Using a thick layer of nail paint on nails appreciate the color of your nail polish. So, if you decide to paint your nails next time, do not forget to apply a double coat on nails.   

Choose a good nail paint remove:

Never choose a nail polish remover which is made up of low-quality products. Always try to choose nail polish removers which are made up of fewer chemicals and try to pick removers from good and continuous brands.  

Control Hygiene:

Take care of your nails regularly and make sure all your nail tools are washed before using them. Make sure that your nails are germs and dirt free. Always use natural germs killer like tea tree oil to keep the bacteria away and save your nails from germs.

Clear up extra nail paint off skin:

When you paint your nails some polish color on your cuticles. So, while painting your nails always try to avoid polish on the skin, if it is applied then remove it with the help of nail paint remover. You can try ear bud also to remove your polish off cuticles.

Avoid harsh nail polish:

Make yourself careful, while picking any nail paint. Many nail polishes are made up of benzoates and sulfate that are bad for your nails and the skin around it. Also, eating with hands that are painted with nail polish is not good for health. Always try to choose natural nail paints that are chemical-free to avoid harms.

Use a brittle softener to avoid cuticle nails:

Give your nails regular nourishing treatments to keep them healthy and strong. Using a cuticle softer after nourishing your nails gives the best result.

Stay away from acetone polish:

Always try to adapt an acetone-free nail polish remover. Acetone is very harmful to your nails. Acetone nail polish makes dry your nails and makes them poor to break.

Frequently Asked Questions for Nails

How to prevent nails from breaking?

Always try to massage your nails twice in a weak to nourish them. You can also try a double coat of nail paint while painting your nails. It makes your nails strong and healthy.

Is using artificial nails safe?

Wearing artificial nails is not so bad if you wear it in a manner. If you use them, again and again, them the chemical base gel can harm your nails. But, if you applied properly, artificial nails are safe.

What are cuticles? 

Cuticles are the small profusion of dead skin at the bottom of your nail plate. It is important to remove cuticles to make them healthy and well.

How to nail paint your nails?

First, remove cuticles from your skin and trim them, then give them a square or round shape, after that paint your nail with a double coat and let them try.

Nails indeed reflect all over health. Want to make your nails strong and healthy, and then follow the tips and tricks given in the above article.

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