The wonders of technology have made our lives comfortable to a great extent. We see the application of technology in every field of life. From traveling to communicating, working, learning, eating, education and health, we see technology applications. In short, we are entirely dependent on technology for everything we do. Education, which is one of the vital activities of life, has benefitted a lot from introducing and applying technology. It has reduced the cost of getting an education and facilitated distance learning, which is the need of the time. Students can find learning material online for free instead of buying books that cost large sums of money and are difficult to carry. Similarly, they can find guidance and assistance in academic matters from online platforms such as cheap assignment writing UK service and other academic help.

eBook maker
eBook maker

In a bricks-and-mortar system, students have to buy and keep books with them to study. They are expensive, and low-income group students cannot afford them. Also, they are sometimes cumbersome and occupy more space, due to which students cannot keep them always with themselves. In the click-and-mortar and click-only educational system, the traditional books are replaced by electronic books or most commonly referred to as eBooks. These books are simply the digital version of the original text. eBooks are more feasible for students and teachers because they are usually readily available on the internet without any cost. They are easy to carry everywhere, and it is easy to find a particular thing from the book within less time. Therefore, nowadays, ebooks are trending instead of physical books.

Features of an eBook:

The significant features of an electronic book are described below.

The text of an eBook is read-only, which means you cannot edit or alter the text of the eBook. In this way, the copyright is restricted to the author. However, the reader can take notes or highlight the text as per his need.

You can change the layout or size of an eBook for your reading’s convenience. You can adjust it according to the device through which you have accessed the book. Although the paragraphs and chapters are there, line breaks are independent.

You can customize the eBook as it does not have a fixed layout. You can change the font style, size, and also line spacing according to your screen size.

Some eBooks come with built-in dictionaries that enhance your vocabulary and language skills.

They can be stored in the cloud for backup. In case you lose your device, your book will be saved.

eBook creation:

A significant benefit of eBooks is that you can create them easily using online platforms for yourself and your fellows. Whether you have written a book by yourself or you want to make a digital version of an already registered book by some author, you can do it yourself or hire someone else for the job.

You can create your own online eBook maker. This is basically software that has an Author login and Admin login. Authors can convert their books into an e-book using this software without any cost implications. The procedure to use this software is simple. Firstly the author needs to register himself into the system if he is new. Otherwise, the existing members can log in with their unique id and password to resume their work.

The admin’s job in the system would be to accept authors’ requests for registration, check and verify their details, keep a check on completed books, make eBooks, and mail the prepared eBooks to the author when needed. On the other hand, the author has to get himself registered by entering the required details, and then he can choose whether to start a new book or resume an existing unfinished book. To create an eBook, the author needs to enter the context of the text on the software. He can have the prepared book in PDF format or Word. 

Popular eBook makers:

Some famous eBook makers available online are discussed below.


This website allows you to make an eBook that leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Their speciality lies in providing your eBook with the most eye-catching and attractive covers because they believe in the fact the first impression is the last impression. It offers a vast collection of beautiful templates and designing tools that are easy to use for beginners. To create an eBook on canvas, you need to sign up first with Google or Facebook. After logging in, open a new page and search for a template with the theme and style of your choice. They also have a collection of icons, illustrations, images, and photos that are high in quality; you can apply filters using photo effect features. You can also add your personal photos and pictures. The drag and drop tool can be used to move around graphics and icons. After you have finished working, you can download your eBook in the format of your choices, such as JPG or PNG. 


Another famous website is Venngage that has around four million active users. This website creates professional eBooks. The process of creating of eBook at Venngage is simple. All you have to do is sign up, which is absolutely free. Then you have to write your book’s context and choose a template of your choice. After that, you can edit pages, design layout, edit or remove them, and customize your ebook’s cover as per the theme of the book to make it appear attractive for readers.

Moreover, you can edit the font, size, style, and colour of your text. After completing the work, you can download the prepared eBook in PDF format and publish it or make it available for users. Using the free account, you can share your eBook online. To download the book for printing, you will need to upgrade to their business or premium plan.


FlippingBook is yet another website facilitating eBook creation. It creates an eBook by converting PDF format to HTML5 through a simple process. To create an eBook with FlippingBook, you need to upload the PDF version of the context of your book to their software which will then be converted into HTML5 within moments. You can then choose from their templates or customize them according to your choice. After customizing the book’s features, you will then get your eBook prepared which can be shared through social media or email.

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