Pet-Friendly Hotel Do’s And Don’ts: 10 Tips When Staying In A Hotel With Your Pet

Pet friendly travel hotel
Pet friendly hotel travel

If you’re a pet owner who loves to travel, then you know how sad it feels to leave your baby (or babies) behind. Luckily, it’s possible to share your travel experiences with them by bringing them along. Of course, there would be several obstacles involved, but if you can travel with a rowdy toddler or a crying infant, then traveling with a friendly cat, dog, or guinea pig wouldn’t be such a hassle. 

One of the first things to secure is pet-friendly accommodation. Just remember that not all pet-friendly hotels are created equal. 

When picking the best pet-friendly hotel, we recommend 10 tips to keep in mind. 

dog in hotel
Dog in a hotel

1. Shop around for the best pet hotel

Pet-friendly hotels aren’t that rare these days — a growing number of accommodation properties is becoming more welcoming to our canine and feline kiddos. To start your search, you can simply browse online for pet-friendly hotel recommendations. You may also find cheaper alternatives, like vacation rentals, apartments, AirBnBs, and even parks that allow pets. 

2. Know your pet’s behavior

Does your dog tend to bark at people walking past a window? Does your cat tend to climb onto shelves and break things? Understanding your pet’s behavior is important when traveling with them, so you’ll know the adjustments you’re going to make. 

If possible, bring a pet that’s housetrained. You won’t have to worry about your pooch peeing on the carpet if they know where the bathroom is. 

3. Ask about the policies and restrictions, and additional fees

Like most accommodations, pet-friendly properties have a list of do’s and don’ts. They have age and size restrictions when it comes to pets. Some properties prefer smaller dogs (which doesn’t make sense because bigger dogs are usually quieter and calmer than their tinier cousins). 

They may also not allow pets to be left alone in the room, or prohibit pets to stay in specific amenities. 

There might be additional pet fees involved too. Fees can include a small daily charge, a refundable damage deposit, and charges for pet-related extras like dog bed, treats, and a bowl. Other properties charge a hefty non-refundable flat rate.

Compare pet-friendly hotel accommodation properties based on these additional fees and restrictions and book the one with the best rate and policy. Make sure you’re clear on which are refundable and not. 

4. Pet-proof the room

It’s no different from childproofing — you need to take some time hiding fragile and breakable items your pet can potentially destroy. These include hotel room decor, coffee makers, kettles, dinnerware, and table lamps. Keep these things out of reach or stored safely in a cabinet. 

If an accident did happen, immediately report the damages to the manager. Don’t wait until checkout to resolve such matters. 

5. Check out their pet-friendly extras

Do they have dog-sitting and walking services so you can travel with some peace of mind? Do they also have special pet beds so you won’t have to bring theirs? Opt for hotels that can offer the most support to you and your beloved furry friend. 

6. Bring their favorite items

Does your pet have a blanket or a favorite toy? Can you bring their bed? Your pet will feel more comfortable and at home if the common items they’re familiar with are on sight. They won’t also be tempted to jump on the hotel bed. 

7. Pay attention to their pet rooms

When booking, ask how the pet rooms differ from the rest of the accommodation property. In some cases, hotels use their not-so-desirable rooms, like older rooms with worn furnishings and smoking rooms, as pet rooms. 

8. Crate your pet when leaving them alone in the room 

There’ll be times when you need to leave the room for a while. You’ll eat breakfast in the buffet hall, do short grocery runs for food and travel supplies, and roam around the vicinity. During these short times, it would be more convenient to simply leave your pet in the room. The question is, will the hotel allow you to do so?  

Keep in mind that some hotels won’t allow you to leave your pet alone in the room. If it’s allowed, use a crate or carrier to keep your pet and the housekeeping personnel safe. You may also hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign to make sure no one enters the room while you’re away. Lastly, you should give the staff a heads up so they can call you immediately if there are any noise complaints. 

9. But don’t leave them for too long

If you can avoid it, try not to leave your pet alone in a strange, unfamiliar place, like your hotel room, for hours. This will invite serious trouble, since scared, nervous pets may tear apart drapes, carpeting, and furniture, bark non-stop, and even injure themselves. 

10. Have a plan B if you can’t bring your pet along

If you can’t leave your pet alone, opt for travel-friendly attractions and restaurants where you can bring them along. You may also ask if the hotel has a dog walker or pet sitter for hire. Another option is to bring your pet to a groomer, boarding kennel, or even a pet spa for the day.

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