Ponchos: A Versatile Fall Fashion Statement


As the temperature is dropping slowly, our heart calls for something warm, something cozy. Made in Italy knitwear, ponchos, are beautiful, comfortable, and stylish. And the best part? It is fit for women of all shapes and sizes, belonging to all age groups. Tall and small, curvy and petite, each woman can easily find a Cashmere poncho that suits her requirements.


As a casual outdoor wear:

While the temperature is still brisk, ponchos can be a wonderful, warm option to be worn outdoors. For once, try ditching the sweatshirts and jackets, and try wearing a poncho. Poncho can provide you the right amount of warmth in a fashionable way.

Single colour knitwear:

Single-coloured outfits are classic and elegant. They can be very well, paired with black jeans or tights, or a black leather skirt and stockings, and a pair of tan boots.

As mentioned earlier, it can be worn by women belonging to any age group. Also, wearing a single coloured outfit, makes the outfit stand out majorly. You can rather add some colour to your outfit by wearing a colourful necklace, a brooch or a printed silk scarf.  

Wear boots or square heels to elongate the look:

If you are sporting a poncho, it will be the largest outfit that you will be wearing. And to complete the look you need to elevate the look. The height of the heels will provide an easy contrast to the voluminous poncho.

Travelling is easier when with a poncho:

Packing a poncho in your bag can be a useful hack for your travelling self. On an unwanted chilly evening, you can warm yourself up in a poncho. It can double up as a makeshift blanket or can be rolled up easily to be used as a pillow.

Is it very difficult to take care of a cashmere poncho?

Actually, it is just the opposite. The more you wear your ponchos and more you wash those, the more absorbent and softer they become.

There are a few tips that will ease your job.

  • Before using it for the first time, soak your poncho in cold water for 12 hours. Wash it again in cold water. Then hang it in an open space, away from the direct sunlight, until it dries. This will help the cotton fibers and bloom and absorb the maximum, next time onwards.
  • Always try to wash your ponchos in cold water. If the poncho is stained or soiled, only then wash it in warm water, preferably by hand. You can also select the gentle spin mode in your washing machine. Other modes can unravel the weaving.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners. Fabric softeners reduce the absorbency quotient of ponchos. Rather, sometimes add a cup of white vinegar to the wash. Vinegar acts as a great fabric softener. It also kills the microbes on your poncho. Also, never use bleach on your poncho.
  • As mentioned earlier, always allow your poncho to air dry, away from the sunlight.
  • You can use any sort of iron on a poncho, but make sure it is used at a low or medium temperature only. The high temperature will damage the fibres of your poncho, making it wear out soon.   

Caring for a poncho is easy, and obviously, they look amazing. You must be convinced by now. Then what are you waiting for? Cashmere Ponchos in the UK are easily available at the shops and online. Give it a try and we are sure you would thank us later. Definitely let us know how you liked these.

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