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Are you planning to establish your own embroidery store? Let me stop you right there. Opening up a store for your business is not difficult, but finding out the people who work according to your needs is difficult. This case is quite similar to hiring an embroider for your decoration store.

While we agree that finding out embroiders is easy, but are they really willing to work as per your requirements? Are they compatible and responsible enough to deliver complex orders under a strict deadline? And most importantly, are they committed enough to fulfil your business goals.

There are so many questions you can ask while hiring embroiders for your store. These questions range from being the most common ones to the most complex ones. Depending on their skill-set, portfolio, and experience, you can decide accordingly.

Most crucial questions

In this blog, we will be talking about some of the most crucial questions you can ask and elevate your business to the top. So without any further delay, let us begin.

Before we go down the line and start asking important questions to the embroiders, we need to set-up a few pre-requisities. For instance, when creating a job post, it is important to let the job seekers know that you are expecting candidates with sufficient experience and portfolio records. Tell them to bring along a few samples of their previous works so that they are judged and paid according to their experience.

Along the lines, there are some crucial capabilities that you need to look in an embroidery digitizer. You should ask all the right technical questions related to logo embroidery and evaluate their knowledge towards the subject. Any one can work in the embroidery business and master the art of stitching and weaving in just a few months, but having technical capabilities to produce exceptional artwork requires serious skills and knowledge.

Below are some of the other important questions we believe can help you find out the perfect embroider for your business. While we understand that you will be monitoring their technical knowledge, skills, and sample work, you can also learn if the candidates are suitable for the job.

1. Always start with the basics of embroidery

There have been interviews where I have seen applicants not knowing much about the basics of custom logo embroidery services, but contain sufficient knowledge about the technical parts. When you are interviewing the applicants, make sure to ask some of the most obvious questions about logo embroidery to see if they are aware of it or not.

Some of the basic questions would be:

  • What digitizing software they use for logo embroidery? Which one is the most common and suitable for complex designs? And if they fail to give you a proper answer, it shows that they need fine-tuning in their knowledge.
  • Since how long are they digitizing embroidery or other decoration methods?
  • Have they operated embroidery machines? If their answer is yes then for how long?

The answers will give you a brief overview about their traits and working style. You will also get to know if the applicant is reliable enough to be working with your digitizing company. And if they are lagging behind, what measures would you be taking for getting them up to the speed.

2. What is their preferred style?

Following shortly after understanding their basic knowledge towards embroidery and other digitizing methods, ask them some of the most specific questions like their aesthetics and working style.

  • During the process of embroidery do they have a stitch count in mind whilst looking at the artwork/logo?
  • How much informed are they about the existing market trends with the designs, logo stitching, etc.
  • Do they have the capacity of building vector designs or something unique and crafty for the clients?
  • What is their process of handling the vector files, artwork pictures and other images?
  • Can they work with the artwork given by the suppliers or do they have to render files suitable to their requirements?

These are some of the specific questions that will help you evaluate their overall profile, working experience, and their style. While we agree there are no particular specifics, finding out a skiller embroider can be a challenging job.

Understanding the business and working around the requirements will get you over the edge and you will soon be getting attention from a lot of decoration experts.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding logo embroidery, its machines, and decoration methods, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the description box below.

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