Top 9 Restaurants in Boulder, Colorado

Restaurants in Boulder

If you’re visiting Colorado and want to fill up, head to the city that has been called America’s Fittest and Tastiest City. Boulder is packed with award-winning restaurants in Colorado. Even better news: most of them are also healthy and locally inspired. It’s hard to find junk fast food in Boulder.

Boulder’s list of food-related awards is extensive, including several James Beard awards. Additionally, Boulder Farmers Market is considered one of the best in the country. Boulder even has a “Best Chef” winner: Hosea Rosenberg.

From food trucks to Restaurants in Boulder, Boulder’s restaurant scene is strong. Here are seven of the best places to try.

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1. Flagstaff House

Address: 1138 Flagstaff Rd, Boulder, CO 80302, USA USA

Telephone: +1 303-442-4640

The Flagstaff House is possibly the best Restaurants in Boulder, and for miles. This high-end Franco-American restaurant has won more food and travel awards than any other Restaurants in Boulder, Colorado’s Front Range.


Start with the views. This restaurant is built on top of the mountain, 6,000 feet above sea level, with panoramic views of the region. Open Table named this one of the top ten view restaurants in the nation.

Then there is the service. This is one of the few Forbes four-star Restaurants in Boulder, Colorado and a consistently triple AAA Four Diamond restaurant since the 1980s.

Of course, there is food. The chef de cuisine here, Chris Royster, won the Food Network show “Chopped.”

Flagstaff House drinks match their quality of food. The restaurant has Wine Spectator’s highest accolade, the Grand Prize, awarded to just less than 100 restaurants per year around the world. Did we mention that Flagstaff House has earned this honor every year for over three decades? Just appropriately, the restaurant has the largest collection of wines in Colorado.

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2 Black belly

Address: 1606 Conestoga St # 3, Boulder, CO 80301, USA USA

Telephone: +1 303-247-1000

Blackbelly also has a celebrity chef. Hosea Rosenberg, owner, and chef of Blackbelly was the winner of Bravo’s “Top Chef” show.


Regardless of the hype of reality TV, what makes Blackbelly stand out, long after the cameras stopped shooting, are its deep agricultural roots. The menu here is based on produce and meat from local ranchers and farmers. One such farm animal, the black-bellied breed of sheep, inspired the name of his restaurant. 

In addition to a delicious restaurant that is truly farm-to-table, there is a Blackbelly Butcher who curates local meats, paired with local and organic produce to offer one of the most delicious charcuterie programs in Boulder. You can also have breakfast and lunch at the butcher shop.

3. Frasca

Address: 1738 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA USA

Telephone: +1 303-442-6966

Frasca is famous among foodies. The restaurant has won not one but three James Beard Awards.


The most exciting thing was when Frasca reached the final of the James Beard Outstanding Restaurant category, which is like winning the Oscar of all Oscars for its exquisiteness and quality.

Frasca also has the best chef in the Southwest and has been praised for its wine service. Master sommelier (and also co-owner) Bobby Stuckey is one of the best in Colorado – the restaurant’s wine list features more than 200 different types.

Frasca serves local northern Italian food in an haute cuisine setting that aims to sound true to the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy. The ‘Frasca’ in Italian tradition is an informal gathering place for locals to hang out, eat, and drink together.

A popular time to visit Frasca is on Mondays, for special four-course tasting dinners expertly paired with wine, offered at a reduced price (not cheap yet). You will need a reservation to enter here.

4. Oak

Address: 1400 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA USA

Telephone: +1 303-444-3622

The oak in the fourteenth has roots in Frasca. Respected chef and co-owner Steve Redzikowski worked at Frasca before opening this delicious downtown restaurant that focuses on his oak oven and grill. In fact, it won the Food and Wine’s People’s Best New Chef Southwest award. Oak has been named one of the Top 25 Restaurants in Denver.


Redzikowski’s menu is innovative, locally inspired, and so delicious.

The open kitchen is lined with oversized, bright windows facing the street to allow for the entertainment of people watching if watching the chefs prepare your dishes isn’t entertaining enough.

Tip: If the crispy fried pickles, Wagyu beef tartare, and glazed pork shoulder aren’t enough to tempt your taste buds, Oak makes fresh donuts from scratch every morning, with rotating flavors to keep you amazed (and drooling). ).

5. Bush and hare

Address: 1970 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA USA

Telephone: +1 303-444-9110

Bramble & Hare is another Boulder restaurant run by a respected gardener-slash-chef. Not only does co-owner Eric Skokan run this charming little restaurant off Pearl Street, but he also runs an impressive farm nearby. There, he grows his own vegetables, including special corn that he uses to make polenta. He also raises his own farm animals: duck, lamb, pork, chicken.


The menu is small and is made up of what the farm harvested that day. It’s always evolving, it’s very creative (you have to be able to work with whatever the Earth gives you), and it’s always delicious.

The restaurant has a totally local farmhouse, small-town feel to it – it’s dimly lit and rustic, the kind of place you might miss if you didn’t know what delicacy is inside. In that, Bramble is a total hidden gem and is a local favorite. Gets especially busy later in the evening. This is an honest look at Boulder – warm, laid-back, intentional, friendly, unique, a little wild, and just plain brilliant.

The small open kitchen tries to use as many products as possible; Vegetable and fruit shavings or garnishes are delivered to the bartender, who incorporates them into cocktails, sometimes confusing, sometimes in syrup, sometimes garnished.

6. Wild standard

Address: 1043 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA USA

Telephone: +1 720-638-4800

Wild Standard is one of the best places to get seafood and cocktails in Boulder.


Although this restaurant is rustically elegant, romantic, and sexy (chandeliers, whitewashed brick walls), it is also a bit quirky. You can see that in their innovative cocktails (like the Pickle Rick, with confusing cucumbers, named for the show “Rick and Morty”) and their friendly servers.

The beachy decor provides a harbinger for sustainably sourced seafood on the Wild Standard menu. Classic dishes take on a unique twist, like gluten-free sweet and spicy calamari served with a Thai sweet chili glaze.

The seafood here is shipped fresh overnight, so even though Colorado is a landlocked state, the ingredients have never been frozen and taste as fresh as if you were on the beach. Be sure to check out the raw oyster bar.

Wild Standard also has non-seafood options, from beef to chicken to seasonally changing items. Finish your meal on a high note with homemade bread pudding served with a chocolate banana.

7. Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

Address: 1770 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302-6226, USA USA

Telephone: +1 303-442-4993


This is a must-see in Boulder, not just for its delicious Asian-inspired menu, but especially for the atmosphere. This colorful and ornate teahouse is a work of art that you can sit inside. The building was a gift from Boulder’s sister city, Dushanbe. Sip tea, sit on pillows on the floor or at a table next to the fountain, and slow down, right across the street from Central Park. The flower-filled patio outside is almost as charming as the inside. 

8. Lucile Creole Coffee

Address: 2124 14th St, Boulder, CO 80302-4804, USA USA

Telephone: +1 303-442-4743


This is not fancy, but it is a favorite. There’s always a long line to get into this cozy, laid-back Creole breakfast and lunch restaurant that serves chicory coffee and beignets, to begin with. The restaurant itself is a converted and historic home, with uneven tables scattered throughout the rooms. Lucile’s does not take reservations so just expect to wait outside on the patio. The shrimp, grits, and fried trout are worth it. 

9. The Rayback Collective

Address: 2775 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO 80304-2905, USA USA

Telephone: +1 303-214-2127


This is Boulder’s food truck court, which spans 15,000 square feet of indoor-outdoor space. Several food trucks come and go from here all day, providing a variety of foods in constant rotation. There’s also a bar on-site, so you can have a beer, listen to live music, hold special events, play on the patio, and stay all day, whether you want street tacos, BBQs, burgers, or well, maybe all three.

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