Sahil Mirchandani Produces Shoot with A-list Talent for Highly Anticipated Amazon Series

Sahil Mirchandani

As a creative producer, Sahil Mirchandani is an integral part of bringing a story from script to screen. From the moment a project is greenlit, Mirchandani is at the helm, developing the production alongside his team and client, preparing all logistics to bring a project to life.

“To me, producing is equal parts art and business – the beauty of producing is finding the perfect balance between creative and commerce. I pride myself on creating production value that vastly surpasses my given project budgets,” said Mirchandani.

Hailing from Toronto, Mirchandani has been a dynamic force in the Canadian film and television industry for several years now. His thoughtful leadership has been vital to the success of many acclaimed productions, such as pop-sensation Tate McRae’s music video performance of “You Broke Me First” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and her “Slower” performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as well as major commercial campaigns for international brands such as Nike, Adidas, Gymshark, and more.

Most recently, Mirchandani worked with Amazon Prime Video on a Gallery Shoot for their hit series Three Pines, starring Spiderman’s legendary villain, Alfred Molina. The key art will be featured on billboards across Toronto’s famous Yonge & Dundas location and virtually on all social media platforms, as well as on Amazon Prime Video’s website and mobile app.

“I feel very grateful and accomplished knowing that I produced such a highly visible project that was so well received by its audiences. It was featured on so many billboards that every time I was outside in Toronto, I would see some sort of rendition of the key art featured on a billboard, poster, or digital ad. It’s extremely validating to see that the art I produced featured so widely to the public,” he said.

When Mirchandani was approached by Amazon Prime Video’s brand and marketing team about the opportunity to work on this high budget gallery shoot with A-list artists, he knew he wanted to be a part of it. The studio knew of Mirchandani’s extraordinary talent in putting together shoots like this, evident with his previous similar work with their series Kids in the Hall and Last One Laughing: Canada.

When it came to putting together the shoot, Mirchandani was responsible for all logistical elements to bring it to fruition. He crewed up heads of department, managed day to day logistics during the prep phrase, split the budget accordingly to ensure all production dollars were seen on screen, liaised across the TV show’s crew and the gallery shoot’s crew to ensure a seamless shoot process, and troubleshooted any arising issues during the prep and on set phases of this production. He was essential in keeping everything moving smoothly and on time, and for managing client expectations while aligning their creative concepts to their marketing needs in the most effective way possible behind the scenes. This involved liaising between the creative agency as they were in development for their concept design and ensuring the client’s respective departments could effectively market what his team was delivering creatively. There were many major responsibilities to pull off that the shoot depended on to succeed, but Mirchandani made it look easy.

“It was such a pleasure to work on this project! I enjoyed working with celebrity talent like Spiderman supervillain Doc OC, Alfred Molina, for this shoot,” he said.

The gallery shoot is a vital aspect for the promotion of Three Pines, an upcoming British-Canadian mystery streaming television series starring Alfred Molina, based on the novel series by Louise Penny centred on Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. The highly-anticipated series is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video, so keep an eye out for it when it hits the streaming platform. 

Photo by Andre Apperley

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