Have Sleeping Issue? Try Following Hacks


To take uninterrupted and peaceful sleep for about 7 to 8 hours every night is one of the basic routines for good health. Most of the health problems like stress, tension, depression, and workload disturbed our sleep. So, take ideas to get better sleep.

Sleeping Issue

Do not work out before sleeping:

If you are a gym lover or going to gym then make it clear that exercise releases endorphins, the hormones responsible for making you body energetic and happy. But doing this just going to the bedtime will keep you awake and it creates a sleeping problem.

Maintain a 2 hours gap of dinner before going to bed:

Nutritionists suggest that eating food before 2-3 going to the bed it makes your body free from heaviness and give a comfortable relief to sleep well. Having a good habit of eating at a fixed time is good for health and makes your digestive system good and best.

Sleep in a colder room:

Sleeping in the manner that nature planned may be better for us. As humans, we did not evolve with the benefit of having central heat in our homes. It’s better to keep our sleeping environment cool to a temperature where you can easily get sleep.

Listen to calming music before bed:

Music is peaceful and powerful it gives a comfortable relief in stress and reduces the depression. Listen to music make us asleep faster and longer.

Sleep in a dark room:

When you have sleeping problem then this idea is best among all, sleeping in a dark room give relax able feel and having a light reduce the changes of sleep which creates problem at the time of sleeping.

Explore block Sleep:

Block sleep means make a schedule to take a sleep in two blocks instead of time. Most of us sleep continuously, where we go to bed at night, wake up in the morning and that’s the only time we rest.

Reduce your overall sleep need:

If you have habit of sleeping in the noon or evening that stop this habit to get a better sleep. Exercise daily to increase strength and stamina.

Wake up at the same time every day:

A lot of us use the weekends and vacation time to catch up on sleep. It turns out that this habit is ineffective, and can even be harmful. Sleeping helps to feel better and relax our body.

Avoid stress:

If you have working and have a stress level than it’s not good for sleep. Taking a comfortable sleep is good for health, so avoid stress to get a better sleep.

Take a meditation before going to bed:

Stress and depression plays a big role when you have sleeping problem. Take some time and do meditation to sleep well at night before going to the bed.

Read a book before bed:

This one is also one of the best ideas to take a better sleep. When you trying to sleep but you are not able to sleep then, take a book and start reading a boring part of it.

Conclusion: Sleeping issues creates a lot of problem in life although it decrease and increase the stress level. So, take some hacks to solve your sleeping problem.

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