Squarespace vs WordPress: What to Know Before You Choose

Squarespace vs WordPress
WordPress vs SquareSpace

When it involves building an internet site , WordPress and Squarespace are two of the highest website builders available. WordPress is one among the foremost popular content management systems which is additionally an excellent option for bloggers and little businesses. Squarespace may be a website created for building other websites.

Squarespace offers ready-made website templates neatly organized into different categories, so it’s an easy platform which is right for beginners, or people of no coding experience.

WordPress may be a free and open source software which users can easily customize and modify. No coding experience is required, although it’s a perfect platform for developers and more advanced users to figure with WordPress ASCII text file .

Choosing a one-page builder among the two awesome website builder is actually a tricky task.

so why not choose a builder on the basis of different aspects?

Let’s see the comparison between Squarespace and WordPress

More than 38% of websites are powered with the WordPress on the internet. However, you can say that WordPress is the most preferable and popular website builder as compare to the others.

But it does not mean that there are no other website builders for creating a good looking website. Although there are some more website builders who provide features to create a website seamlessly. The other two best website builder could be Wix and Squarespace.

The 4 major comparisons between WordPress and Squarespace are given below

  1. Easy to use

When we compare WordPress platforms with some other website builders such as Magento or Joomla then WordPress is the only platform that turns to be the most user friendly.

But when we talk about Squarespace then WordPress is not that user friendly as Squarespace is. Because WordPress provides maximum opportunity to the developers to control the website, it lacks beginner friendliness.

WordPress is an open-source platform, thus you will have to purchase hosting and domain name. Plus to check the changes made you will have to check the preview mode.

Whereas Squarespace is totally offers complete packages that’s why it is known as the most user-friendly.

You just need to drag and drop the elements to the empty spaces. As compare to WordPress, Squarespace is very easy to learn. Therefore Squarespace is the winner in this aspect.

  • Control and Flexibility

WordPress is open-source that means anyone can use and modify this code without paying for it. you can change the complete look and feel of a website by integrating paid or free responsive WordPress themes and third-party plugins.

Whereas Squarespace is just what you need. but it lacks flexibility which provides restricted control to the users. Additionally, you can not use third-party plugins and paid themes with Squarespace you can only use free themes and plugins which is provided by Squarespace.

  • Security

When it comes to website creation the major concern is website security.

Some study determines that in 39 seconds there is a hacking attempt. And this is the major aspect that everyone who is looking for the best website builder should consider.

When we talk about the security of WordPress, it all depends on the hosting provider you have chosen. But there are several WordPress security plugins available that can be used to secure your WordPress website.

While choosing themes or plugins make sure that it does not consist of malicious code. Also, make sure you are using updated themes and plugins.

Whereas is Squarespace is a self-hosted platform that comes with inbuild security feature. they have an experienced team that can easily handle security-related stuff such as updates, backups, SSL certificates, etc.

  • Themes, designs, and plugins

Squarespace offers up to 70 themes that are trendy and customizable. But these themes can be used to create any sort of website. the action button, fonts, images, hover animation works best with these templates.

Additionally, Squarespace offers a restricted number of plugins that can be rarely used. its interface is also easy.

Whereas WordPress offers paid and free responsive WordPress themes and plugins. almost any kind of functionality can be added using these themes.

There are almost 8,059+ themes offered by WordPress which are free of cost. also, you will be able to find countless paid themes to satisfy your needs.

You can easily customize these themes by modifying the CSS code.


There are so many comparison but the top 4 have mentioned in this article hope this will help you.

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