5 Things You Must Know Before Starting Yoga Teacher Training

yoga teacher training

So, you have decided to become a full-time yoga teacher and help others learn this sacred art. Learning yoga is a lifetime career and makes you capable to guide the next generation of yoga practitioners in realizing their true purpose. Although you would be spending days and months understanding the curriculum and different aspects of yoga. However, the benefits outweigh the hardships.

The yoga teacher training offers you a chance to enhance your yoga practice and be a guiding light to others on this journey to self-realization. However, there are a few things you need to understand before you teach this ancient art to other students.

1. The Yoga Asanas

The first thing you learn during your yoga teacher training is the physical practice of different yoga asanas. Whether you want to become a Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga teacher, you have to first practice the different yoga poses using your body. It helps you develop the skills to guide other yoga practitioners.

What practicing different yoga asanas does is give you an opportunity to know if your body shows any resistance when practicing a particular yoga asana. How much practice do you need? It is an important question you need to answer before commencing your own yoga class.

2. Pranayama

The fourth limb among the 8 limbs of yoga is Pranayama, which refers to how breathing controls your body. Many yoga practitioners forget to breathe during a yoga class and that creates tension and stress in the body which are the very things you want to avoid with a yoga practice.

It is important to incorporate breathing in your yoga teacher training sessions. You need to learn how to practice the right breathing before you teach the same to a group of students. Whether you are practicing vinyasa yoga poses or Hatha yoga, breathing is important to reap the full benefits of your yoga practice.

3. Meditation

Another important limb among the 8 limbs of yoga is the practice of meditation. You should know that meditation never comes naturally to every yoga practitioner. There are different types of meditation practices including Jappa meditation, walking meditation, and others that you need to learn before starting your own yoga studio.

4. Anatomy

The human body is a marvel made up of 206 bones, 78 organs, and a lot of blood vessels. Your yoga teacher training includes a complete understanding of human anatomy. A good understanding of human anatomy is essential for you to become an experienced and knowledgeable yoga instructor.

You should understand how the human body moves, what are the tension points, and how you can balance your body during every yoga pose.

5. Sequencing

Once you start learning yoga in the yoga teacher training, you come across a variety of yoga postures including standing poses, twists, backbends, and much more. A major element of every yoga practice is that one asana should follow the other in a flow and not abruptly.

An important part of yoga pose sequencing is understanding how your body moves, and you need to take it into account when teaching yoga poses to other people. Sequencing is an important element of yoga teacher training that helps you pair different yoga poses to achieve the right flow.


A yoga teacher training offers you much more than just the physical practice of each yoga asana. However, you do need to learn the five things mentioned above before you start teaching other yoga students. These five things are essential for you to have a solid grasp of the sacred art of yoga.

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