Strategies To Getting 1,000 Followers On Twitter For Free

Get followers on Twitter for free
Get followers on Twitter for free

Get followers on Twitter for free – A good audience is important, and bigger is better. Before continuing I make the clarification that although size does matter, what is decisive is the level of interaction you achieve with them.

That said, I am going to comment on a series of tricks that should help you when it comes to creating more followers. so lets know the Strategies to get 1,000 followers on Twitter for free


Put a professional photo for your profile and the same for the cover photo. It’s what people see first. There is no second chance for a first impression.

Add a professional description in which it is clear what you do and how you can help your potential client. Use fancy fonts on some important words to get more engagement. 


Another good strategy can be developed by commenting on some blogs that, as an incentive, allow users to add their Twitter addresses (Twitterlink Comments).

In fact I am doing it and I also allow it on my own blog, allowing those who comment on it to add their accounts (to give them a better service).

This works well because if someone is reading the post and then the comments, if they see one that adds value they may feel interested in following that user on Twitter.


When it comes to your behavior on Twitter, it will always be profitable for you to add value and not bother anyone to increase your visibility. As a trick, it is good to try to establish a relationship with users with a higher audience than yours. If you are interacting with a well-known blogger and you make your contribution of value, since that person has a larger audience, it is likely that over time his followers will also get to know you and decide to follow you.


Linked to the above, it is very important that you always seek to connect with relevant people for your topic and that you maintain consistency in your contributions.

If you manage to convince people to follow you on Twitter, but then your contributions do not have much to do with the theme that brought them to you, you will hardly keep them, retain them, much less convince them to help you spread your content.

As you have seen, I have only presented you with “organic” ways to get more followers. No programs, gimmicks, or massive recruits. What interests you is doing your quality networking.

As you can see, Twitter is still a paradigm shift, because they have explained to you that your marketing work will always consist of talking, mentioning and promoting only your products, but now I come to you with the proposition that you have to also advertise the others, and focus on providing content of the highest quality you can.

But I assure you that with these strategies you can become one of the benchmarks in your sector on Twitter, and from there continue to gradually increase your audience and your credibility.


People who follow you do so because they like the content you broadcast, but they will also appreciate it if you have the ability to act as an information channel, and if you spread good material they will be grateful.

Logically you must disseminate data that is good information, of great interest and value for your followers; material that complements your editorial line and content that directly also contributes to your credibility. The contribution of value will be explicit.

Apps to get followers on Twitter

So we’re going to focus on 3 apps to get Twitter followers that work well, are ethical, and grow your audience naturally.


One of the best tools to clean up your profile. You can delete inactive accounts, unfollow those who use you to do aggressive follow back and filter your followers by influence on the social network.


The best-known app of the 3. In addition to the cleaning functions that Manage Flitter offers, this tool makes suggestions about which profiles you should follow, which of the ones you follow have more value and with whom you should talk.


This tool is fantastic. It allows you to get followers progressively and in the most natural way possible. To do this, you have to apply the filters it offers and tell how many of the people who interact with your publications you want to follow.

It is very good to get followers on Twitter but the really important thing is that you become a fabulous channel for disseminating publications that add value to your audience.

You will see that soon your network will grow, and you will be that indispensable person who becomes a reference for helping others.

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