Sunglasses For Girls According To Face Shape

Sunglasses for Girls

Sunglasses are also known as goggles or eyewear. It doesn’t only save your eyes from sun rays but also makes you look confident, fashionable, and gorgeous. Whenever we went to buy sunglasses it is too difficult to choose eyewear according to face shape. So, if you are also one who wants to choose goggles according to your face look, then we are here to guide you. Take some ideas from here to purchase sunglasses according to your face shape.

Face Shape Guides for Sunglasses

Square Face Shape:

For a square face, shape chooses brow line, oval, aviators, round, wrap, and classic way design frames are very suitable. Always choose curved sunglasses design that is broad these will help you to balance your cheekbones. The shape of the square face is equal in proportions both widthwise and lengthwise. Never choose a rectangle, square, oversized, and geometric designs. For a bold look, you can add cat-eye shades to your look.

Round Face Shape:

For round face shape rectangle, aviators, wrap, square design frames are very suitable. The round face is widest at the cheeks. While selecting sunglasses, select frames that work to add gradients.  For a bold look, you can try angular glasses with clean lines. Never choose classic way frame, oval, round, brow line, geometric, and oversized frames.

Heart Face Shape:

For the heart face shape choose rectangle, aviators, geometric, and wrap design frames. The shape of the heart’s face is wide at the forehead and pointed at the chin. The cat-eyes glasses and round edges design frames are more suitable for heart faces. Never choose a square, brow line, oval, round, classic way frame, and oversized frames. You can also try D-frame glasses for a glassy look. 

Triangle Face Shape:

For triangle face shape choose classic way frame, aviators, square, round, geometric, and wrap design frames. Oval and rimless frames are very suitable for diamond faces. Triangle faces are the narrowest on top and widest on the bottom. Always prefer to buy a light on the bottom, and bold on top designs frame which is widest at the top, and the narrowest at the bottom. Never choose a rectangle, oval, brow line, and oversized design frames.

Oblong Face Shape:

For the oblong face, shape chooses brow line, oval, aviators, round, wrap, geometric, and classic way frames. The shape of the oblong face is long and narrow, gives a rectangular shape to your face. Use oversized goggles with thick frames. Never choose square, and rectangle design frames. 

Oval Face Shape:

For an oval face, shape choose rectangle, classic way frame, square, brow line, aviators, wrap, and geometric design frames. The oval shape is very perfect on which every glass is suitable. This is the most universal face shape with a narrow forehead and slightly narrow chin. Never choose oval, round, and oversized design frames. All frames are suitable for oval face shape but, we discuss here some unique designs. 

If you are able to examine the shape of your face and have knowledge about frame then, you can easily choose your frame according to your face shape. 

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