How to Take Care of Your Mental Health during the Ongoing Pandemic?

Take Care of Your Mental Health

The ongoing pandemic can be very scary. When it already has been six months since the world has been fighting with Coronavirus, it becomes very difficult to take care of mental health. Being at home for so long can lead to stress and anxiety.

A person might be thinking about the job, getting infected with Coronavirus, family, and finances. It is a lot to take in when you are not able to go to the office or your college to follow your daily routine.

Self-Isolation and Quarantine can be difficult when you are trying to get rid of the virus. While going out, maintaining social distancing, and not able to eat at your favourite restaurant or meet your friends as you did before is one of the more reasons.

When individually, you cannot do much to stop Coronavirus spread across the world; what you can do is take care of your physical and mental health.

Staying at home? Take care of your mental health first

As staying at home means not being able to go out for social activities, you can make your home a healthy environment. It can become crazy after a few months of spending the same space with your family

1- Prepare a daily routine for yourself and make a time table where you divide your day with your work activities, a little enjoying time while watching a movie, or listening to music along with some time given to exercise and meditation.

2- Maintain a diary and write your feeling whenever you are overwhelmed with thoughts.

3- Download guided meditation and listen when you are sitting ideal to stop those negative thoughts to cover your mind.

4- Spend some time trying to do something that you like.

5- It’s okay if you want to take a day off and don’t like to do anything. In that case, take rest and enjoy doing only those things that you feel relaxed in.

Tackling stress and anxiety

Sometimes no matter what we try, anxiety attacks kick in, and you find yourself in a nutshell again. Don’t worry because you can help yourself in that dark time. As soon as you find yourself in the anxiety zone, stop everything you are doing, and take deep breaths. Close your eyes and tell yourself that it will be okay. You can hear some downloaded guided music to calm your mind.

It can be overwhelming to think about catching the virus. Then, how to get treatment while maintaining your finances? If you have lost your job due to Covid-19, it can be another reason for anxiety. If you are a final year student who was eventually about to start doing the job at this time but isn’t able to find anything, it can be a big reason to worry.

First, you need to know that it’s okay to feel like this. You don’t have to fix your life right away. Try to talk to someone about what you feel. It can be someone from your family or one of your friends. You can video chat with your confidant when you feel like talking. This way, it is easy to get the weight out of your chest.

If you still feel like this doesn’t help, then try counselling. Talking to a professional will help you in a longer run. A counsellor can help you to tackle your feelings positively.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat healthy meals. Don’t indulge too much on social media and negative news going on since the year started. Try to make a list of things that are making you feel anxious. Try to solve them one by one.

Avoid negative practices

It’s okay to feel vulnerable when you have been feeling the trauma or negative feelings for a long period. Some people try to indulge in smoking or drinking alcohol to get rid of their feelings. It might make you feel good for a few moments, but you will end up feeling like this again. Avoid doing such practices. Try to join the focussed groups where other people are talking about their negative thoughts in this ongoing pandemic.

Moreover, it is common for anyone to feel suicidal during such a hard time. Isolation, stress, negative thoughts, trauma, anxiety, or stress-related to money can lead to such extreme thoughts of taking one’s own life.

Take help and support from people and professionals. Call the suicide helpline and talk to the people. You can also go to a psychiatrist to take medical help. Write affirmative thoughts in a diary and say thanks for each thing that you have in your life.

If you need financial help to get proper treatment and you don’t have medical insurance or funds to take care of that, then you can apply for small-term loans like payday loans, doorstep loans to pay for your medical bills and medicines from direct lenders. In the UK, you can also get very bad credit loans history with no guarantor from top direct lenders.

The Closure

It isn’t easy to take care of your mental health during the lockdown, social distancing, and staying at home. With so much of a crisis going on in the world, it is okay to feel anxious and stressed. You need to take a deep breath and help yourself.

Meditation and talking to your friends and family, a counsellor or psychiatrist helps a lot to get rid of those overwhelming feelings. Try to stay connected with everyone you talk to through video calls.

Try to do everything that helps you feel relaxed and happy.

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