The Best Quadcopter for Beginners – Heli Max 1SQ RTF

If you are looking for a quad perfect for beginners then Heli Max 1SQ RTF can be a really nice choice. It has got a combination of features which is perfect for novices. No matter much talent you have as a starter, you always get to face some crashes and Heli Max 1SQ RTF is considered as one of the most reliable and durable quadcopters available in market. Let’s discuss some of the features of this amazing quad.

Heli Max 1SQ RTF
Heli Max 1SQ RTF

Heli Max 1SQ RTF

Sensitivity Control:
Its sensitivity control will allow you to control the sensitivity according to your skill level. It means that the beginners can start learning how to fly the quad with a lowered sensitivity in order to avoid harsh turns and overshooting issues Robotics Team Name Ideas.

Just because this quad is perfect for beginners doesn’t mean that people with excellent skills can not fly it and have fun. The sensitivity control also increases the sensitivity which allows sharper turns and advanced quad flying. You can perform tricks with this copter as well.

Outdoor flying:
The Heli Max 1SQ RTF is a small copter but it doesn’t mean that you will have troubles flying it in the outdoors.This copter is very powerful and easily tackle light winds which is very hard for a copter of same size. It can neutralize all the wind impacts and gives you a smooth flight experience outdoor.

There is no camera installed in Heli Max 1SQ RTF nor there is a place for any installation. If you want the camera version, you have to get updated version of this quad Heli Max 1SQ V-CAM RTF which is equipped with a nice camera which captures good quality images and videos as well.

This quad comes with four extra blades that can be changed if you break any of the blade during the flight. It also contains four batteries for controller so that you can charge them and reuse them to fly. It doesn’t have an extra battery given in the package, but it can easily fly for 10 minutes before needing to come down.

a full charge, the Heli Max 1SQ RTF Quadcopter is able to fly for about 10 minutes before running the battery low and needing to land.

Wrap Up:

Summing up everything, this quad is very nice for beginners as well as the experts and you can get it around 100$ over the leading online stores

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