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Due to the Delta variation and severe weather swings, online shopping will boost holiday season sales. It’s also likely to begin sooner rather than later, with much greater rewards. In early November of last year, 59 percent of consumers had already started holiday shopping. According to e Marketer, holiday e-commerce sales in the United States might increase by 11.3 percent, with e-commerce accounting for a record 18.9% of all holiday retail sales.

As previously said, online traffic is expected to increase well before Cyber Week. Hopefully, you’ve already started prepping your site(s) and infrastructure for the influx of visitors. Another area where you should concentrate your efforts is the purchasing experience and ensuring that it converts website visitors into consumers.

Your team can cruise the floor in a traditional store, seeking opportunities to engage, explore options, answer questions, and sell to customers. A fantastic user experience on your digital shop functions as an online sales staff, not only pleasing customers but also actively becoming your best salesperson, engaging thousands of visitors in a matter of seconds.

A Magento web development has created a Site Assessment Checklist to assist you in turning the customer experience on your site(s) into their own salesperson of the year. You and your team can use this tool to ensure that all of the fine-tuning required to perfect your site and engage your customers is completed in time for the most important time of the year.

Continue reading for more information and advice on the checklist’s recommended tasks.


There’s a reason why Adobe’s Assessment Checklist begins with the question of whether or not your clients can conveniently shop on their mobile devices. Despite the fact that mobile sales are rapidly increasing, consumers are still dissatisfied with the average mobile commerce experience. In 2020, 27% of consumers said shopping using a smartphone was “stressful,” up from 20% in 2019 and 23% in 2018.

Compare your prior mobile web traffic to your mobile web conversion rates to see how well your mobile purchasing experience is performing. Conversions should be higher when customer acquisition is done correctly and online traffic increases. If your mobile traffic is high but conversions are poor, your mobile experience or customer acquisition model—or both—could use some improvement.


Create a Loyal Relationship with Existing and New Customers

You’ve spent ad dollars to recruit new customers, persuaded them to buy through hard work on improving your website, delivered the product or service, and ultimately satisfied the customer with a terrific experience. Don’t let your hard work and investment in giving that experience go to waste by failing to offer a client loyalty program. Loyalty programs can help you grow your income and customer base over time. They can also provide information on how to customize marketing to your current customers best.

Customer loyalty programs are built-in to Adobe Commerce. Its versatile points system allows you to reward customers for various purchases, activities, and even promotions, and an accessible settings panel allows you to modify your program effortlessly.

Customize your website with powerful search, filtering, and product recommendations.

A strong search experience on your site is essential for all users to shop your digital commerce regardless of their device. Adobe Commerce now includes Live Search, a native search feature that returns hyper-relevant results in a flash. It is powered by Adobe Sensei and thoroughly analyzes aggregated visitor data using artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques.

When this information is paired with your Adobe Commerce catalog, it creates shopping experiences that are highly engaging, relevant, and personalized. Customers can find what they’re looking for in less time—and with less scrolling—thanks to improved filtering, semantic search, and auto-complete.

Adobe Sensei is also used to power tailored Product Recommendations in Adobe Commerce. It automatically analyses enormous quantities of consumer behavior and purchases data to recommend the most relevant things to a specific user in a certain scenario. Recommendations can be customized for individual users or generalized for anonymous visitors to your website. Product Recommendations are also simple to implement on your website.


The ability to use social media for online shops may appear to be a trade secret known only to a few, but the truth is that converting social media value into sales is a question of old-fashioned attention to detail.

Word on the street is that

The new “word of mouth” is social media. Make sure your clients can share and like your business on all of the major social media platforms in your country or region to join the conversation. Make sure you have a channel, page, or handle for your business on each of these platforms, preferably one that is administered at least part-time by a paid employee. Last but not least, don’t forget that video networks like YouTube and Ticktock can assist clients in making purchasing selections.

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