The logo is a graphic symbol or emblem or a stylized form that is used to represent and identify an organization, product, or brand.

A logo acts as a creative message and is used to communicate brand values. Thousands of words are spoken through one logo. A logo is a kind of visual ambassador to your business.

 We at Designviva will take you through the history and evolution of logos! Symbolism is something that is very elementary in logo designing. Symbolism carries the lineage of social dialogue. If we trace back to the fifth century B.C., we can see that Greeks used signature seals to stamp and endorse documents and for trade purposes. We can see that brands like Puma, Lacoste, Penguin use animal images in their logo which has historical resonance. 

Potters, masons, and goldsmiths in the 13th century used to mark and chisel their logos on their craft and work as a sign of trademark or ownership. 

Coming to the Victorian era, during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), there was a rise of various graphic designers. We can see symmetrical layouts, impressive decoration, and ornamentation in the logos. Some of the Victorian style logos you can be inspired by:

Gothic Style: Used in the year 1898 by Pepsi Cola Company.

Pepsicola Logo History

The Royal Style: This typeface has a unique letterform with embellished style, shadows, and outline.

pharmacy logo designing

First commercial logo: In 1886, during the industrial revolution the Valvoline logo, which has arched out sphere and small dots inside its layout can be called as first commercial Victorian style typeface.

Volvoline logo history

After the 1880s, there was a rise in fine arts and crafts. In 1903, Ford Motors came up with its first logo which is still considered as one of the world’s best automobile logos.

 In the 1900’s, a new kind of logo style emerged known as Art Nouveau. It has natural forms and structures to its style. The world known example of art nouveau style logo is of Coca Cola, designed with spencerian script in the mid-1920’s with a fishtail style. Mercedes is another art nouveau styled logo. Versace, an iconic fashion brand is of art nouveau typeface.

Coca cola logo history
Mercedes Benz Logo History
Versace logo history

In history, we can also witness the emergence of German expressionism which comprises geometric and abstract figures, angular lines, religious and cultural aspects in logo designs.

das logos history

The Volkswagen logo designed in 1938. It has German Labor Front emblem.

So, this is the evolution and long history of logos to inspire by!

Now, coming to today’s world ….Todays Era! The Digital Era. All we can say is that today’s logo design has numerous aspects. There is so much creativity, innovation, newness, boldness, ideas in logo designing. There is a current trend of Minimalism in the design elements of logos, which offers three-dimensional illusions and has simple and minimalist elements added to it. It is more of a fine and streamlined interface design.

we here at Designviva wants to divert your attention towards the importance of Logos in Marketing! As, we know marketing is all about promoting your brands, services, or products. It requires extensive market research and advertising. . You may know that our brain processes the visual representation faster than text, that is why the logo is something which creates a greater impact on the minds of customers.

Logos are the powerful and impactful tools of marketing. This acts as a trademark or a signature of your brand or services. It is a medium to claim ownership of your products and services. It makes a strong impression and grabs attention fast. A logo creates trust and fosters loyalty to your brand and acts as a bridge between you and your customers. It is also vital for protection purposes like from forgeries, frauds and imitations and other illegal practices. It maintains the genuineness of your brand. So, better would be if you explore and create it to the best of your ability!

Here, Designviva has listed some ways to use logo as a marketing tool:

Explore, Relate, and create with Effectiveness- Do your research properly! Find some inspirations! Study various aspects of logo designing and relate it with your brand. Create it using fine techniques. See if it needs to have simple design or need some quirkiness to it and it depends on your product type. Be good with the colors of design, pay attention to the details. Design your logo keeping in mind its effectiveness and its impact.

Aggressive branding of Merchandise- If you have some merchandise related to your business like a key chain, pen, mug, or a diary etc., impose the logo design onto them. It increases the chance of accessibility and will give you some extra mileage to the marketing of your business.

Trademark all your products with your logo- You must ensure this! This is a very good tactic of marketing. From products to official documents, contracts, invoices, goods, and services, all of them must have the logo printed upon them. Trademarking also ensures protection against forgery and other frauds in the business.

Sponsoring- Another key point of marketing. If you can sponsor some events like workshops or charity programs, then you can put their banners and posters or pamphlets carrying the logo of your brand. It will push your brand to a higher level.

Third-party vendors- Increase your market presence and visibility by promoting your brand through third-party vendors. You can do it by promoting your brand logo on cabs, public transports, events, etc., by this you can reach wider customers.

Partnering with franchises- Smart way of marketing! You can partner with franchises like a food chain, sports, or entertainment etc., their uniforms or outfits, bags, vehicles can carry your brand logo which will reach to higher masses and can uplift your brand to another level. This marketing strategy will get you potential clients.

Public display boards or organizing a sports match- you can run your brand logo on public display boards. It can grab the attention of wider audiences. You can organize a match like football or volleyball endorsing your brand.