The Perfect Rug Ideas for Your Farmhouse-Style Home

Farmhouse-Style Home

Farmhouse style is a popular design trend that has been around for decades. It was one of the most common styles in homes from the 1930s up until the 1970s. It’s characterized by its rustic and country-like feel, with which various furniture pieces and accessories can be achieved. When decorating a farmhouse-style home, you should also consider adding rugs to your space! Finding the perfect rug for your farmhouse-style home can seem a bit daunting. There are so many options, and it’s hard to know where to start! Not anymore, with these awesome tips for finding the right rug for your space. Whether you’re searching for a classic vintage or more contemporary style, we will show you how to find rugs that complement any look in your home.

A Circular Shape

The farmhouse home is a design with high ceilings, enlarged windows, and bulky furniture. The space often looks airy and minimal. A circular or oval-shaped rug in the center of your bedroom or living room will break this sense of spaciousness, but it can also have a modern touch to it! Incorporating the best round rugs in the main hall or living room is a great way to decorate your farmhouse. Their unorthodox shape will also make a great focal point. Also, this will reduce the heaviness of bulky leather or wood furniture that you may have in your house. Remember that the rug should not be too big or too small for your space for the farmhouse interior. It will look best if it is about three-quarters of the size of your floor area.

The Right Colors

The colors you choose can make a huge difference in creating an inviting atmosphere inside your farmhouse home. It also sets the mood for every room and can play up the other elements in your decor. Your rug can easily become a part of your color scheme for each room with just one neutral color or blend completely with the colors you have on walls, furniture, and trimmings. Just remember that too many bright colors overwhelm small rooms, so it is best to blend them subtly.

A Rectangular/Square Shape

Going for a rectangle rug is great to make the main hall more formal and less spacious. This will also complement large wooden or leather furniture, which are common features of farmhouse-style homes. If your living room has an extra fireplace, this can be a great place for your rug to take center stage. A rectangular or square shape is also best for layering the rugs in the living room. The entire cover-up will bring the cozy elements of farmhouse style to your living room. It is also best if the rug is not too big.

A Geometric Patterned Rug

Since the farmhouse-style home has larger furniture pieces, your decor must stand out in size, pattern, and design. A geometric carpet can do just that! Using diamond patterns or zigzag lines will add dimension to your room and give it a rustic vibe. The patterns also bring the illusion of a larger space. The geometric patterns will also give a contemporary touch to your farmhouse-style home. The rug style will also make your home look more dynamic.

A Neutral Rug with Weaving & Textures

Using a neutral carpet is best for farmhouse-style homes because it will create an earthy environment that you want to achieve in the room. The rug should have weaving and textures. However, this does not necessarily mean bright colors or patterns. With the farmhouse style, you should focus on neutral tones and natural colors that perfectly match your home’s décor motifs.

An Animal Skin Rug

A rug characteristic of farmhouse style is animal skin rugs. Sheepskin, cowhide, and buffalo are some examples of this type. These types of floor coverings can be very elegant, especially if they come in brown or white tones with no patterns on them at all. Their main purpose is to provide warmth and comfort so they will blend in perfectly with your home’s decor. Animal skin rugs also have a rustic charm to them, which makes them perfect for farmhouse style.

A Black Rug with Light Accents

Since the farmhouse style is earthy, adding black rugs to this theme will take you back to nature. However, an accent of gold or silver can also do miracles for any dark-colored rug. If your home has wooden or stone floors, then a black rug will look amazing. If you want to add some contrast and texture to the room, place it on top of an old trunk or coffee table since these objects can also do wonders for your decor.

A Striped Rug for the Hallway

Farmhouse homes are often decorated with neutral, earthy tones that give them their signature look. A good way to complement this color palette is by using striped rugs in your house’s hallway or main room. The tone-on-tone pattern will bring out the beauty of your walls and floors. Another good idea for the living room is to add an old-fashioned rug that has been made from natural materials such as cotton, jute, or wool. The design can also have elements that remind you of this style, like squares or rectangles in different shades of gray or brown.

A Flat Weave Style

Flatweave rugs are colorful. Their intrinsic patterns and geometric shapes give them a distinctive design. These rugs are made from different materials, such as cotton and wool. Cotton rugs are common in Scandinavian home decorating styles, while wool is more often associated with an English flair for floor coverings. Add some color to your farmhouse-style living room without going overboard by using a brightly colored flatwoven rug.

A Braided Style

Braided-style rugs come in a wide range of sizes and designs, so you can find one that’s right for any room in your home. They are durable and easy to clean. You will often see braided farmhouse-style rugs with colorful combination patterns such as stripes, checks, or plaids. The braided style of rug is often made from a combination of both natural and synthetic fibers.

A Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian-style farmhouse rugs are typically flat woven with a thick construction, making them durable enough to handle crowded areas such as living room floors for entryways. The more modern styles tend to have neutral colors that work well in most homes. You can also find Scandinavian-style farmhouse rugs with modern, brighter colors that are great for adding color to your living room or kitchen area.

On a Final Note

The farmhouse style is an increasingly popular design. With the right rug and a few other accessories, you can give your home an instant rustic update. RugKnots is the perfect place to buy rugs for your farmhouse-style home. With so many options of style, size, and color available in our online store, you’re sure to find what you need! We offer rug design services if none of these ideas are quite right for you, or you want something custom-made just for your space! 

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