Most people give little thought to painting a ceiling. However, to end up with a perfect job, there are definite considerations. For one thing, if the existing material is a popcorn spray, and the home was built in the 1960s through the mid-1970s, it is critical to rule out the possibility of the material containing asbestos.


This material is deadly and therefore the removal of it is serious business. If you have any concerns, never scrape the popcorn ceiling off. If it does contain asbestos, the fine particles would become airborne and inhaled. Instead, contact a hazmat professional to rule in or out the presence of asbestos.

If the ceiling were deemed asbestos-free or your ceiling was made from a different type of material, you would be ready to start transforming the look of the room. To paint a ceiling, two things need to be considered.

First, make sure you purchase the right supplies, and second, be sure to buy the right paint. For supplies, you would need a thick nap roller, extension handle, painter’s tape, and some kind of drop cloth Creative Business Name.

With an extension handle, you would be able to reach the ceiling from the floor, greatly reducing the amount of time you would need to spend on a ladder. Of course, you would still need to use the ladder to reach corners and for the cut-in line but for the larger area of the ceiling, an extension handle for the roller is a lifesaver.

Even for an existing smooth surface, this type of roller would provide full coverage over any flawed or irregular areas.

Prior to painting, the room would need to be prepped. For this, all furniture, artwork, and other furnishings would be moved out of the room. While this might seem like overkill, the decision would prevent any of your belongings from being damaged but it would also open the space, making it easier to move around.

Next, place a drop cloth on the floor to protect flooring. The least expensive option is plastic but many people complain this type of drop cloth is hard to work around and tend to bunch up. Although a little more expensive, canvas drop cloths are an excellent choice and once dirty, they can be cleaned and reused.

You will also need to purchase several rolls of blue painter’s tape, applying it around window trim, baseboards, crown molding, outlets, etc. Now, for the best coverage and most professional look, it is strongly suggested to use quality primer on the ceiling prior to painting.

Although several good brands are sold, Kilz is without doubt the best. In fact, we would take this one-step further by purchasing Kilz with stain blocker. Regardless, with the ceiling primed first, the paint would go on smoother and more than likely, you would need fewer coats.

The difference between a professionally painted ceiling and one painted by the standard homeowner is the way the cut-in line is completed. If your goal is to have a newly painted ceiling that looks as if it was done by a pro, you need to use a high quality natural bristle brush with an angle.

Always start the cut-in line in the corner of the wall with the shortest ceiling length. Using a ladder, slowly begin painting a three-inch wide strip between the ceiling and wall, again one wall at a time. If you have a steady hand, you could accomplish this with ease but if preferred, painter’s tape could be added to the wall where it meets the ceiling.

Additionally, work with small sections of ceiling to eliminate one area being heavier or lighter than another area, or creating an obvious line. Therefore, after finishing the cut-in line on the ceiling for one wall and while still wet, start rolling the paint on the ceiling.

For this, pour paint into a paint tray, dip the roller into the paint, and roll it back and forth for complete coverage. However, then roll the roller at the end of the tray without paint to remove any excess. Just as painting a wall, the ceiling should be covered in a zigzag motion, followed by going over the pattern with straight strokes.

As mentioned, always purchase the best paint you can find. Just as Kilz offers an amazing primer, this company also sells paint, which is sold at Wal-Mart and other merchants. Kilz paint is thick and the formula provides even coverage.

Typically, all you would need is a single coat but more could be added if necessary. While most people paint the ceiling white or off-white, a new trend of colored paint is on the rise so you may consider this too.

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