Top 10 Beaches You Must Explore Once In A Lifetime


Beaches will be the Valium of the traveling world. They soothe, they unwind, they cause you to understand that”real life” sometimes needs escaping. There are not many people resistant to the magic lure of the shore. Whether you are keen on sunbathing, sports, or exploring the underwater world, or just considering the limitless possibilities of this horizon, there is no doubt that the shore is the best destination for relaxation and fun. First and foremost, these slivers of sand from the sea remind the Planet to be very beautiful.


The record of 10 Most Beautiful Beaches on the Planet:

1. Bahia Solano — Colombia

Bahia Solano is home to world-class scuba diving and game fishing. Also supplying a multitude of marine actions to the traveler. Just 18 km from Bahia Solano, there’s the magnificent beach town of El Valle, Choco. Among the gorgeous beaches, Bahia Solano is a memorable scene of immobile ships perched where the river meets the sea. Fishers languidly cast nets over a massive bay. Fashion stores, vegetable markets, cafés, and pubs line up a lively principal street.

2. Playa Paraiso — Cayo Largo

Among those stunning beaches on earth is Playa Paraiso at Cuba’s greatest beach island Cayo Largo. This shore well deserves its title of”Paradise Beach” isn’t quite as vulnerable to the elements as many other beaches around the Island. The weather is generally calm, and the ocean remains shallow most of the year. Since the shore of resorts is very shifting, most men and women visit Playa Paraiso to savor calm water into swim or relax on the beach.

3. Nungwi — Zanzibar — Tanzania

On the southwest shore of this Island, Nungwi is considered the most amazing beach of Zanzibar, in which the lack of powerful tides guarantees the joys of cruising and swimming in the crystal jade sea. Intrepid travelers have long adored the Island because of its enigmatic old Stone Town and 30 or so pristine shores. Tourists often gravitate towards Nungwi, a settlement situated along the shore of northwest Zanzibar.

4. Hanalei Bay — Hawaii — USA

Hanalei is a census-designated location (CDP) at Kauaʻi County, Hawaiʻi, United States. The term Hanalei signifies”lei making” in Hawaiian. Alternatively, the title Hanalei also means”crescent bay” and might indicate the form of Hanalei Bay. It’s among the very best and most gorgeous beaches in Hawaii. True tropical heaven, this spacious bay Isle comes with a sleek crescent of pristine white sand backed by lush, green forests, misty hills, and towering waterfalls. Visit Airlines Gethuman and explore the high discounted deals on flight tickets with cheap vacation packages to Worldwide.

5. Pulau Perhentian Kecil — Malaysia

If you are a beach bum, you have likely already heard of, or seen, or fallen in love, Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands. The Perhentian Islands lie about ten nautical miles from the northeast shore of West Malaysia in Terengganu, roughly 40 miles southwest of the Thai border.

6. Maya Bay — Ko Phi Phi — Thailand

Maya Bay is a white sand shore hugged by steep limestone hills. Coral reefs create a superb place for snorkeling. This stunningly beautiful shore has seen its popularity skyrocket after incorporating the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach. However, it is still worth seeing for the stunning setting and fantastic snorkeling chances. Thousands of individuals know the bay daily. Consequently, if you would like to stay away from the crowds, try to see early in the morning or following 5 p.m.

7. Whitehaven — Queensland — Australia

It is hard to choose a favorite in a nation famous for its beautiful beaches. Still, when you’re looking for unspoiled, perfect all-natural beauty, the fine sands of Whitehaven at Australia’s Whitsunday Islands are a powerful competitor. With over four km of sand, that’s 98 percent pure silica, so clean it squeaks. Whitehaven Beach is a part of the Whitsunday Islands National Park. There’s a little work involved in getting here. However, the pay-off is a scenic place that’s still comparatively silent when the daytrippers have left for the day.

8. Matira — Bora Bora — Tahiti

Bora Bora is just one of those magical islands which make up French Polynesia in the South Pacific. This Island is similar to the Gwyneth Paltrow of shores — a bit too perfect to be believable. However, this little Island’s charm is a leading global tourist destination, famous for its aqua-centric luxury hotels. However, it’s very best to place, Matira Beach, informs you why areas like this have become popular in the first location. Feed sharks, search for dark pearls, look through World War II memorabilia or laze on the sand. On the world’s biggest beach, life carries you simply. Then catch a trip to Bora Bora’s small airport on Motu Mute.

9. Sun Island — Maldives

Recognized as the world’s greatest and among the gorgeous beaches, situated in a beach-lover’s paradise, Maldives. This diamond in the center of the Indian Ocean is now a favorite with celebs and wealthy honeymooners attracted by the idea of sleeping within the water, literally. If you wish to be as close as possible to the water, you can don’t better, notably at Sun Island Beach, where several hotels provide luxury bungalows on stilts in the water. Where you can be transmitted to sleep with the noise of authentic water lapping at your doorstep, nearby coral reefs bring tens of thousands of tropical fish, snorkelers, and divers.

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10. Anse Source d’Argent — Seychelles

On top of the gorgeous beaches across the Planet — Anse Source d’Argent, situated in La Digue, the next largest inhabited Island of Seychelles. Significant competition for the best location, this ribbon of sand around the Island, La Digue, combines salt-white and flamingo-pink sands to make it among the most photographed beaches in the entire world.

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