Top 10 Tips to build your dream Gaming PC

Gaming pc

Building a gaming PC can be a source of fun and pleasure depending on your building process and budget. Due to a low budget, you may face difficulty in choosing the right components you need or you may estimate a low-end Gaming PC. 

No worries, we are always here to help you. With the extension of the video gaming circuit, the Gaming PC building niche is increasing followers day by day. Regarding all these reasons the users live with their computers, which are much higher than that of a typical one. Micron provides us a safe route to building a custom gaming PC.

“One of the advantages of computers is that they can be upgraded to improve their performance, it is not something you cannot do comfortably,” explains Ricardo Vidal, sales director for Latin America and the Caribbean at Micron Technology, a company dedicated to the manufacture of memories and storage solutions.

1. Primarily, start with the basics. Keep in mind, for a proper PC building you must have some fundamental elements like Central Processor Unit-CPU, CPU cooler, RAM memory, Graphics Processor Units (GPU), Storage, keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

2. Check the compatibility of the CPU. Before assembling any installation, the processor compatibility should be checked to ensure that all drivers and other components might work. “ Not only installing software but also improper PC building can hamper your performance”, emphasizes Ricardo Vidal.

A multi-functioned processor capable is a must for proper operation.

3. The speedier RAM serves better computing. A multi-functioned processor capable is a must for proper operation. For gaming computers, memory with DDR4 technology is a unique alternative, due to its higher speed and lower energy consumption. It is the perfect mix for better equipment performance. “In this portfolio, we have three lines, Elite, Tactical, and Sports for the exceptional demands of each user”, highlights the Micron expert.

4. Use the exact amount of glue to fix the parts. It is important to fix certain components that are inside the equipment, that is why the measurement of this paste should be a drop of a pea. However, it should not be just any type of general glue, but a special one to help maintain the regulated temperature of the cables, hinges, etc.

5. RAM memory installation. The design of these gadgets fits in a particular way in the equipment. So before installing them and causing any changes that damage them, it must be ensured that both the RAM and the computer coincide in their assembly.

6. Check the memory speed. Always check the speed of the memory after installing all the components, for that you must enter the system through BIO and review the memory profile. For example, if you have a kit that is adapted for a speed of 2400 MT / s, the processors must support this speed.

7. Safety of the CPU and other components. The I / O shield is not an aesthetic pleasure but its function is to protect both from the radiation emitted by the CPU and to prevent the components and port outputs from suffering any damage.

8. Use an 80 Plus power supply. These are the levels that are handled within this line: 80 Plus, 80 Plus Bronze, 80 Plus Silver, 80 Plus Gold, 80 Plus Platinum, 80 Plus Titanium. The higher the certification level, the better the team will perform. A semi-modular or fully modular power supply keeps cables tidy.

9. Maintain the order of the cables. In comparison to the previous point, this part not only has to do with the internal aesthetics of the equipment, but it can also help the cooling of the system since by locating these components in a functional way, the circulation of air within the computer is privileged.

10. To overclock or not to overlock the equipment. Each user decides if they prefer to get the most output of this technique. “Risking the platform at this level of demand is not recommendable because it can cause damage. If your demand is to achieve higher performance, you can look for guides to adjust the system ”, concludes Ricardo Vidal.

However, building a gaming Computer from the beginning does,t refer to something like assembling any component. Today there are many guides available on the internet on how to build your dream Gaming PC. This informative guide will help you spontaneously remove all the anxieties and will offer you comfort in building Gaming PC.

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