Top 5 Wholesome Gift Ideas That Are More Than Just A Gift


If you have ever observed that it’s the moments and life experience which makes us more overwhelming and excited, not actually the things. Then you would probably know this feeling for sure. If not then you can note the reaction this time, when you will give the gift of the experience to your loved ones. Well, we are not saying that the gift items are not effective at all but it’s the experience that makes us more joyful and happy. Experiences give us lifetime memories and they come with zero expiration date . Whereas tangible gift items are there for only a valid period of time and also come with many pros and cons.

Wholesome Gift Ideas

In-fact, a gift of experience will give you the chance to convey your heartfelt wishes and you can easily let them know how much you care and know them. So this time think of something more creative and extraordinary rather than just dropping a gadget, thing or device at your loved ones doorstep. Anyhow, we have gathered some of these gift ideas that will help you to strengthen your relationship with everyone in your list no matter if it’s birthday or any other celebration. Let’s take a look now.


Subscriptions are one of the excellent gifts of choice when you want to give something intangible to your loved ones. We know there’s always one interest or hobby that every person owns. It could be anything like maybe they love to watch live streaming shows, like to read books or are a plant lover who loves to develop small beautiful plants in the garden area. These are just a glimpse of hobbies people have but it’s plenty more out there. You just need to find which excites them more. You can also choose some of them from magazine subscriptions, cookbooks, comics, audible books and many more.

Casual Outing

To amaze them on their upcoming birthday, you can either plan a casual outing like to their favourite restaurant, picnic or a road trip and just take a yoga lesson together. This will create new memories in both of your lives and also, don’t forget to make online happy birthday cake delivery at their doorstep to make their special day into extra special.


This gift idea is amazing for the youngest member of the family to the oldest one. Yes, you can plan the whole vacation for them but if it doesn’t come in your budget then you can buy tickets of their nearby museum, local theatre, waterpark in summers, live concert tickets and many other interesting visits to national parks or zoos. In this way, they will get to know more about the things that are going on around the world and them.

Live Events

As we mentioned earlier, it’s the day to day life events which make us happier. And what’s better than gifting your loved ones the musical event of their favourite artist. Yes, you just need to find out about some upcoming live events and check the availability of your loved ones and then book their tickets accordingly. We are sure they will enjoy this live event and they will thank you later.


Photo is the best and beautiful thing in the world, it is the way of love and it is about the depth of feeling. Personalizing your wife’s photos and making it as a frame is truly an amazing gift that lets her recollect the past. Photography always reminds you and your sweet memories of your wife and it makes her smile whenever she looks at the personalized photo gift.


It’s a gift idea which is applicable to any age group and you just have to find their hobbies and interest that excites them. For instance, if they show interest in dance or yoga classes then you can take a workshop together to learn new moves and grooves. In this way,

They will come to know how much you support their hobbies and how much you care for their happiness too. So, pick the right one from these gift items because we really know that these gifts for sure will steal the heart of your loved ones and is more valued.

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