Top 6 Ways To Clean Out Your Garage

Clean Out Your Garage

A garage is a place that is commonly used to park cars safely, it also contains sports equipment like bicycles, tools, it also stores lawn care tools, and other wanted and unwanted stuff. But clutter has a way to creep upon us, and garages are known to become custodians of small and big piles that we do not know how to get rid of it. If your garage looks less like a usable space and more like a junkyard, then it’s time to give it a good clean. Don’t let your garage cleaning on tomorrow and read these tips below to motivate yourself and take control of your garage’s clutter by cleaning up dirt and oil stains and adding organization systems and manage all your equipment and tools.

1.      Take Everything Out Of The Garage

Use your driveway or front yard as a temporary storing area for the giant dune of things that have been taken out of your garage. The most effective way to clean and organize a garage is to start with a blank canvas. Take everything out of the garage to have an empty room. If the weather is nice and you plan to get the job done in a day, you can just move your stuff down the aisle. Once everything is in sight, consider the usefulness and value of each item. You may find that much of what you have saved can be donated, recycled, or thrown away. Now is the time to purge.

2.      Make A List Of Four

Whatever you just pulled out of your garage, organize them into four categories:

  • Keeps
  • Trash
  • Donate
  • Sell

Keep the things that still excite your interest. Throw away all those items that are nothing more than trash or junk. Separate items and things that you think might be helpful to others. Like an old mattress, an old skateboard, etc. Sell ​​all of these things that can give you some good cash in exchange. And if you’ve picked up a lot of garbage and can’t handle it yourself, hire Garage Cleanouts or a junk removal service.

3.      Start Cleaning The Garage

Once everything has been removed from the garage, you will end up with a dirty room. Using a broom or vacuum cleaner, remove any cobwebs and dust that has accumulated on the walls and ceiling. Lower the garage door so that you can completely clean the roof and door. A disordered garage tends to accumulate clutter on the floor. Check light fixtures, garage door hardware, and windows for any defects, then clean them thoroughly. If you notice any signs of mold, use a mixture of bleach and water to disinfect the areas.

4.      Clean The Garage Floor

Garage floors are particularly susceptible to grease and oil stains, but you can remove them with basic cleaners and kitty litter. Professionals recommend applying a coat of a good stain remover or kitty litter to the stain first. This helps to absorb the excess fluid. If you don’t have a cat, sawdust or cornmeal will do the trick. If your garage floor is stained with motor oil or other items, now is the time to remove the stains. Pour dry laundry detergent on the stains. Rub the detergent on the stain. Apply water and keep rubbing. Once the dirt is removed, rinse the garage floor.

5.      Set Up An Impressive Organizational System

Once your garage is clean and all surfaces are dry, you are ready to build an organization system. Your organizational system will be tailored to your specific needs. To take stock of the objects you are working with, throw out the entire pile of garbage. Drop off charitable items at a collection point. List the items you intend to sell and separate them from your escrow stack. Now is a great time to set up shelves to organize items. Shelves are great for organizing garage items and freeing up floor space. You can also mount roof hooks to hold sports equipment, bikes, and other outdoor gear.

6.      Keep Your Garage Clean For Better Use

Once you are done with the garage cleanouts and restored your items and order of your garage, you will realize how nice and wide this space is. Think about the possibilities and things you can do in the garage, like transforming the space into a gym or workshop.

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