Trending Topics in Thesis for MBA – What Did You choose?

MBA Thesis

A good choice of a topic in MBA thesis writing is quite difficult. You’ll surely be needing a lot of time to conduct research. You may find it in your school library or through the internet. But that’s not how it easily goes, you need to think wisely and predict a certain scenario that might occur along the way while your thesis is ongoing. To further explain the areas of interest and titles that MBA students most likely to choose, we listed some fields to guide you in your MBA journey.


Some may be forgotten about accounting as one of the based-topics in an MBA thesis writing because it needs a lot of analytical thinking, but you can think outside the box and think of a concept wider than the subject matter like for example, how technology affects the traditional accounting techniques or relevant accounting practices. It’s all up to you. Just make sure that it has what it takes to be an MBA thesis.

Operations Management

MBA thesis writing widely accepts operation management as an MBA topic. It is an overall management technique. This highlights the global supply chain, inventory, and performance management. You can add spice to the topic about the realistic current situation of management by introducing the readers to new information and discoveries. 

Business Management

The most common topic that an MBA thesis would love to see is business management. There are many aspects that we can discuss such as how time changes its culture and global management. Organizations are also involved in this topic. The organization opens the opportunity to contribute something new to the business field.


Finance is considered one of the most talked-about topics for dissertations. It is under the influence of governments and stock exchanges. It engages more interest through the years, especially for business owners. They can get an idea about global financial techniques, financial performances, and global markets.


Marketing is very common as a research preference. In the field of marketing, the topic will still revolve around how can owners effectively persuade consumers to buy into their business. This includes traditional and modern marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and marketing ethics. Isn’t it interesting?


Entrepreneurship has a lot of exposure to the MBA. It is one of the majors in pursuing an MBA. Many find it interesting because everyone believes that we are all capable of establishing a business. Entrepreneurship will introduce you to the business world, it will highlight all the important things you need to know when you are running a business. You can focus on the competitive market, business enterprise, or even outsourcing.

Human Resource Management

The most talked-about cross-boarder training practices are none other than Human resource management. It outshines other areas because it is proven to be a competitive industry as workers migrate and organizations are trading on a global scale. Since it focuses on recruitment, you can discuss the recruitment trends, the staff training and seminar engagements, and the behavior of staff inside the organization. There is so much to explore in this field, you’ll be needing a lot of comprehensions.

Choosing your topic wisely can be your ticket to accomplish your degree and consistently create an excellent dissertation. Whether you like it or not, MBA thesis writing it is part of our academic journey. It’s unavoidable, but we will surely benefit after this.

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