Explore The Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Washington DC

tourist Attractions In Washington DC

America’s capital Washington DC has always been a fascinating place boasting of excellent museums and stately monuments. Get ready to discover one of the USA’s most visited cities anew with flights to Washington DC. A variety of interesting experiences are waiting for you in this vibrant city, which is home to cultural attractions, art and great food.

If you want to learn about American history and see the most iconic sights in the United States then Washington DC is surely the place to visit at least once in a lifetime. Take the advantage of best flight finder to make United reservations or fly with other top legacy carriers like American Airlines and Delta Airlines to the nation’s capital for a wonderful vacation experience.

Washington DC is packed with historical and cultural attractions. It will keep your hands full with myriad entertainment options throughout your stay here. Take a look at some of the best things to see, explore and experience in one of the world’s most powerful capitals.

United States Capitol

Make the United States Capitol you first stop during your DC exploration. Home to the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Capitol is acknowledged world over as a symbol of the United States. The huge dome at the Capitol, designed similar to the dome of St. Peter’s in Rome, is simply outstanding. The United State Capitol, a powerful symbol of the American people and the government, is the meeting place of America’s legislature.

The Capitol is also home to an impressive collection of American art, and the building is itself an architectural achievement. The interior of the beautifully landscaped building is resplendent with paintings and frescoes displaying scenes from American history. The United States Capitol is a major attraction for tourists and is visited by millions every year.

The White House

The White House remains the top visited attraction in the USA. An architectural marvel, The White House has been the official residence of the President of the United States of America. Almost all presidents, except George Washington, have resided here. If you are planning a tour of its interiors, including the State Dining Room, the Ballroom, and the East, Blue, Green and Red Rooms, must be reserved in advance through the embassy or Congressional office.

However, if it isn’t possible then you can surely take chances to view this iconic building from the outside. You can also consider visiting the White House Visitor Center for free and see excellent interactive exhibits showing details about the White House and the presidential families who have already resided here. Plan visiting the 54-acre lawn Ellipse, stretching to Constitution Avenue, during the summer to enjoy concerts by the US Army Band.

National Mall

Explore the National Mall, a spacious swath of lawns and pools forming a wide greenbelt from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, where many monuments and landmark buildings of Washington DC are located. The Washington Monument is the major attraction here, and so are the war memorials, including those to veterans of the Korean War, Vietnam War, and World War II.

The war memorials worth visiting here include the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial. You will need to spend a lot of time visiting the National Mall, where many attractions are lined up. Apart from the attractions, the National Mall is also a great place for festivals and celebrations.

The annual Independence Day celebration with fireworks around the Washington Monument is the most popular. Among other festivals and events worth participating here include the Smithsonian Kite Festival (late March or early April) and the Smithsonian American FolkLife Festival (July). The US Navy Band and the US Air Force Band can be seen performing at the Navy Memorial and the Air Force Memorial respectively during summer evenings.

Arlington National Cemetery

Plan a visit to the Arlington National Cemetery, which is perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring sites in Washington DC, besides the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. The Arlington National Cemetery is the final abode of more than 250,000 men and women who served in the United States military have been laid to rest.

You will also come across the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is an unknown American soldier from World War I and unknowns from World War II, Korea and Vietnam wars. The Eternal Flame marking the grave of President John F. Kennedy, and the Arlington House, a tribute to Robert E. Lee, are also a must-see at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Washington DC by virtue of being the capital of the United States is exceptional. Whether you are planning sightseeing or looking for an extended stay during your holidays, Washington DC promises an adventurous and gala time. With so much on offer, plan your vacation to Washington DC right away.

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