What Are Different Ways of Styling A Corset Over Your Dresses

Styling A Corset

Corsets have been in the market for over four centuries. From maintaining the same position in the market for a very long period of time, there are hundreds of different ways to style a corset over your dresses. The best about corsets is that apart from giving you the perfect hourglass figure, they add glitters to your new dressing sense. Corsets come in thousands of fabrics, styles, and colors that can style in a very beautiful manner over your dresses. In this article, we will be bringing you some of the different ways of styling a corset over your dresses. Let us first mention some of the different types of corsets that can help you in styling your corset over your dresses perfectly.

Different Types of Corsets

This section will focus on some of the different classifications of corsets based on their fabrics, and boning, and some basic tips.

Classification Based on Material

  • Satin: Satin fabric is used when you want to achieve the perfect hourglass figure without showing your corset on the top. It is usually worn under clothes.
  • Cotton: The perfect fabric for summers. The fabric is known to be light and breathable in nature. It is also durable and is a bit thicker.
  • Mesh: This fabric is perfect for summers and is breathable, lightweight, and can be worn under or over any dress.
  • Leather: Well, we all know leather is a perfect fabric to style over anything. It is mostly used in making waist training corsets because of its flexibility properties.
  • Brocade: it is used to make a styling corset and is a blend of polyester.

 Tips for Wearing Corsets

In this section, we will be discussing some of the tips for wearing corsets. By following these tips and tricks you can style a corset in many different ways.

  • Layering: It is one of the most common ways to style your corset over your dresses. In this, you can use any undershirt or other soft cloth under your corset and then wear a corset above it. With the help of this method, you will sweat-free and odor-free.
  • Lacing: Lacing is usually considered as tightening the corset from the back by fastening the front busk. There is a tip for you on how to fasten your corset, first sha[e it correctly from the middle, then tighten it and lace it. This will give a perfect hourglass figure to the whole of the body.
  • Selection: Selecting the right corset is a difficult task, but you have to do it to look perfect. Select the right color, the right fabric, the right size, the right texture, and many other things. Just make sure that you are not selecting a corset of a smaller size.
  • Care: Handling, washing of corset is not the same as of other garments. They require special care and treatment which is mentioned on their flap. You cannot directly wash and hang your corset on any sunny day. There are some precautions that you should follow to increase the durability of your corset. 

Here were some of the tips and tricks to style your corset in a beautiful way. Now, in the next section, we will focus on some of the different ways of styling corsets over your dresses.

Different Ways of Styling A Corset Over Your Dresses

1. Under a half-sweater with trousers.

This will be the perfect way to style your corset as this styling method has that required elegance. Half sweaters are becoming more and more trendy nowadays. This outfit of half-sweaters with trousers is seeming very cool plus elegant. You can layer this outfit with your beautiful Underbust Corset. Down, at the bottom, you can go for heels or boots. I guarantee that this outfit won’t be matched with anyone at the party because it is very unique.

2. Over a T-shirt

This humble dressing outfit can attract anyone’s attention. In this outfit idea, you have to layer your corset with combat boots and a T-shirt which both will look amazing. You can match this outfit with ripped jeans or boot cut jeans which will excel the look of your outfit. This fashion tip can elevate your whole personality in one go!

3. Baggy jeans and leather blazer

Blazer gives a party-like feel instantly. If you are pairing your Leather Corset with baggy jeans and a leather blazer, then you are creating your own outfit idea which is very amazing. A black leather blazer with blue or light shade baggy jeans and a boot at the bottom can elevate your style instantly.  A corset paired on the top will have feminine-like feelings and thus can become the best outfit down in the party.

4. Over a white button-down with black flare jeans

Corsets can not only give the perfect hourglass figure, but they also provide instant dressing ideas which can elevate our personality by many times. You can pair your underbust corset with the oversized white oxford, and then style it with plain black jeans. You can add black boots down at the bottom. This outfit idea will give you a feeling of uniqueness.

5. Under a coordinating Suit

This combo is perfect for any party look. You can wear this combo in any of the small functions of a wedding. In this outfit idea, you can pair your corset with sage green trousers and then layer your dress with a blazer or coordinating suit. When it comes to footwear, you can choose boots or heels, or instead, you can also pair it up with something more exciting like open shoes.

So, here were some of the different ways of styling your corset over your dresses. Comment down in the comments section if you have liked the article.

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