Why Do Men Go Bald More Than Women?

Why Do Men Go Bald

The appearance of glimmering and polished crown on the head is not always appreciated by men as it is a sign of balding. Scalp micropigmentation can be the perfect panacea!

You may have noticed that men go bald more than women and probably you’re reading this article because you are one of them. Hair loss is a common issue for men and the complications arise due to many reasons. 

Family genetics matters

One of the common reasons for hair loss among men is they are more genetically predisposed than women. With the process of ageing, men experience diminished hairline volume and this happened over time. This happens after a certain stage especially when men cross their fifties. In fact, when men reach in their age of seventy, almost all of them experience some form of hair loss. If you have someone elderly in your family who is experiencing hair loss, then you are likely to follow him when after you cross the age of fifty. This is how the condition is passed through generations.

Considering the most recent trends, if you are facing such troubles with your hairline, consider visiting a scalp micropigmentation clinic in Atlanta.

Changes in hormone

Though doctors do not fully back this reason, but some researches show that hair loss can be a problem with multiple changes in hormones. Hormonal changes lead to shrinkage of hair follicles which finally result in baldness. Usually, hair fall is related to thinning of hairline at the temples and crown of our head. Based on your family history, hair loss problems can also arise in your teens. Apart from going thinner, the hair can also become softer, finer and shorter.

Underlying health ailment and diet considerations

There may be one or more health conditions which may lead to hair loss in men. These must be addressed immediately before it’s too late. Hair loss is a common issue for men who have anemia or thyroid issues. Also, the diet considerations matter a lot when it comes to hair loss problems. Lack of iron and proper protein intake can make your hairline thinner.

Medical treatments and medications

It is pivotal to follow a healthy routine if you have severe hair fall problems. Proper medications and medical treatment based on your health conditions can ensure relief. It is certainly unwelcoming for teenagers or men in their thirties when they experience hair fall problems. On the contrary, some medications can also lead to hair loss. These include medications for arthritis, cancer, depression, high blood pressure, or heart conditions. Radiation and chemotherapy treatment are two of the major causes for hair loss.

Living in the modern era, why not try the safe and holistic approach of scalp micropigmentation? In Atlanta, there are many authorised clinics that provide scalp micropigmentation treatments delivered by certified practitioners.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is also known as Micro Hair Pigmentation. The treatment involves the usage of pigments and special applications which are designed to replicate the natural look of hair follicles. It is considered one of the best treatments in the recent era that promotes fuller hair volume. The treatment process is also used for camouflaging baldness, covering scars of hair transplant, and creating an illusion of real hair strands.

Does it hurt?

Scalp Micropigmentation is not painful at all. However, some clients reported experiencing mild discomfort at times. The procedure is completely different from traditional tattoo piercing and thus, it is not that painful. The needle that is used for inserting the pigment is extremely small and fine. After the treatment is over, there will be no discomfort or lingering pain.

Post-treatment complications can be prevented only if you choose specialists who provide modern microblading treatments in Atlanta. Each session typically lasts for 2 to 4 hours depending on the treatment required. Some clinics may provide breaks in between the session and this depends on the packages.

Remember, scalp pigmentation is a permanent answer to your hair loss problems. You need not apply daily creams or maintain monthly appointments when switched to this evolved treatment. This type of specialized treatment can be provided only by authorized and experienced makeup artists. It is not that traditional tattoo machines are used for the pigmentation process. Be rest assured that the process is completely safe and does not include any painful act.

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