Standard, everyday WiFi connections just work. You see your computer, turn on, open up the web page you want, and immediately see what you’ve been doing. But today, we have more options when it comes to connecting to the internet. Standard, everyday, WiFi connections aren’t always fast enough for what we need. If your internet connection is faster than you want it, there are now alternatives.

Wireless, or Wifi, is no longer just for laptops. Modern wireless cameras are a good example of how cutting-edge technology can be integrated into everyday life. Standard, everyday, WiFi connections just work. Your computer has a wireless router (like your smartphone or tablet) and gets access to the internet via the unique address of its router. It’s a pretty basic setup that already makes internet access fast and convenient.

Wifi Cameras

And then there’s the issue of whether WiFi is secure enough

There are many different ways to transmit data and images over the internet, and many of those methods rely on the Wifi in your home or office to properly transmit the data and images. In order for Wifi to provide a secure experience for the user, it must operate within the bounds of the SSID (self-identifying device) that is set up with your Wifi system. To protect your WiFi Camera from someone snooping around, you may wish to use one of the following methods:

The first option is to use a Wifi standalone app. These apps are specifically designed to let you control your camera from a mobile device, even if you don’t have Wifi availability in your current location. You can easily view the video feed from your camera on your mobile device, and you can also control the buttons and menu functions of your Wifi camera with your mobile device. The only draw back to this option is that you have to have available Wifi in order for your mobile device to work with the Wifi app.

Use WiFi camera as a part of your wifi network

Another option for getting your camera up and running with Wifi is to use Wifi cameras as part of a Wifi network. Most Wifi networks today include the ability for wireless security cameras to connect to each other. By using a Wifi network, you can easily setup a “security” camera to connect to your network. When that camera begins transmitting, the connection between all the cameras on your network becomes secure and is free from interference. This type of security is quite impressive and is especially useful for areas where you might not have access to another form of Wifi connectivity (such as a wired home).

One of the newest forms of Wifi connectivity is called “peer-to-peer.” This is where you don’t actually have to be using a Wifi camera in order to establish a secure connection between your camera and other computers and devices. Peer-to-peer connection types are especially attractive for short notice, live events such as weddings or parties. For example, when a friend arrives at your home to help with the wedding cake, and when they notice a small cut in one of the cake layers, it’s possible for them to quickly take action. By simply connecting their camera up to your Wifi router, they are able to capture the moment, transfer it to their computer and then immediately share the image on social media, or send it to their friends.

The ability to use these cameras to a wired home network

Although most of the wireless security cameras available today have the Wifi capability, they often still need to connect to a wired home network (or router) in order to operate. A few of the latest cameras offer a “hot-spot” feature that allows multiple cameras to link up to your Wifi router for automatic coverage. However, this is often more convenient for people who only want to use one camera at a time.

There are plenty of other reasons to choose Wifi security cameras. They are ideal for surveillance during the day, for monitoring pets in the home and yard, and for general safety purposes. For those business owners who rely on night vision for surveillance, the ability to point a camera at an object and instantly view details in live is invaluable. Even though it’s possible to purchase wireless security cameras with Wifi capabilities, it’s also possible to buy stand alone units that have the feature without the need for a Wifi connection. In most cases, it’s much less expensive to buy a good quality camera with Wifi that doesn’t need to be connected to a Wifi network. To buy the latest wifi cameras one can simply check out wesites like

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