9 Tips For Working With the Facebook Algorithm


To cope well with the Facebook algorithm described on SEO Jackers and to get the maximum out of it as well, you need to follow these tips and be on the top.

Working With the Facebook Algorithm

These tips are bound to get your brand on top and will keep you in the newsfeed of the people you want.

1. Initiate such conversations that will make people talking to each other more

The first tip is to start such conversations that engage people in your post, and these posts do not have to be fake or misleading. Instead of sharing some funny content, or a question that makes people answer genuinely, or posting such videos that interest people such that they start the conversation to each other as well, you can win some serious and genuine traffic to your page and the Facebook algorithm can read that for you and increase your ranking.

2. Post your content when your audience is online

The Facebook algorithm also checks how recent the post is when the users have commented or liked it. So try using the proper time for posting, and here are the ideal times for your posts that can boost your brand. 

  • B2B brand posts perform their best between 9 am and 2 pm on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • B2C brand posts perform their best at noon on every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

3. Never try to post content that could get you down-ranked

It is understood that no brand owner would like to post such content on their page, but as we are here to inform you about the best, so here are the specific posts that can get you down-ranked and are self-told by Facebook.

  • The Links to sites that have used scraped or stolen content with zero added value
  • Borderline content (i.e., offensive but not prohibited content)
  • Misinformation, misleading ideas, and fake news
  • Misleading health information or harmful “cures” and remedies
  • “Deepfake videos” or manipulated videos that are declared false by the third-party fact-checkers

Better stay away from all these to keep a good reputation for your page.

4. Post high-quality videos that are longer than 3 minutes

The Facebook algorithm follows the videos that you have posted as well, and there are again three factors that are checked regularly for each video posted on Facebook. Here are the factors that are reviewed by the Facebook algorithms specifically for the videos.

  • Loyalty and intent: these include the videos that people search for and then return to;
  • Video length and view duration: videos that people watch past 1-minute mark, and they have to be longer than 3 minutes
  • Originality: the include the videos that aren’t repurposed from other sources, and they do have plenty of added value.

The best tip, when it comes to the videos on Facebook, is to use the Live video feature and get maximum viewers to enjoy your posts.

5. Post frequently and consistently

The next tip is to keep posting the original, meaningful, and valuable content on your page regularly so that people are waiting for your posts and that the Facebook algorithm learns that you are keeping your page active.

6. Link those Facebook Groups that are interesting for your audience

Groups have always been of great importance to Facebook, and they’re always has been a special place for the groups in the Facebook algorithm. The groups help create communities and keep people engaged in them too.

So if you too want your page to boost, you can start a new page that can provide leverage to your leading group, and on this new group, you can host discussion and information about the main group, how to make it better, etc.

7. Use ads to increase your organic win

Ads also play a vital role in getting natural wins for a page. So whenever it is possible for you, post your ads on other pages and enjoy more customers for your brands.

Paying a little for the ads on some other page can get you a lot of money in return that you were not aware of.

8. Inform your audience how they can follow posts from you in their newsfeed

Staying connected to your audience is something significant and telling them through your frequent posts, that how they can get the maximum of your posts in their newsfeed, you can make sure that they are getting you.

With these new algorithms for connecting users to the brand pages and giving more control t the user on their newsfeed, Facebook has made things very easy for the users. But if you want to stay in some user’s newsfeed, you have to keep them informed of the ways they can select this option.

9. Empower your people to advocate for you

Yes, you can encourage your employees to spread some right word for you and win more and better ranks on Facebook.

The old and trusted employees can always play a good role in this game of ranking signals, and you can get facilitated with them easily. So use them and empower them to spread the good word for you.

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